Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An Ominous Sky and Happy Pi Day!

 Happy happy Pi Day to you! Did you make Pie today? I made some mini lemon meringue pies and a chocolate fudge pie to take over to a friends house. It was around 82 degrees today and sunny. By the time we were planning to leave to go to our friends house the sky was getting darker and darker and the clouds were rolling in. We got a few sprinkles at our house but got some gorgeous light.
 This tree is usually bright orange in the fall. It is unusual to see it blazing red. I loved what the light did to it as the storm was rolling in.
 I was trying to keep my eyes on this set of clouds as there were several fantastic lightning strikes. But alas, they were too fast for me. My trigger finger was too slow tonight to catch the light show.
We got a few raindrops where were are but around us some areas got golf ball sized hail. The clouds looked like we might get hail as well but instead we just got beautiful light coming from the edge of the storm. :)

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