Friday, March 23, 2012

May the Odds...Be Ever in Your Favor

Last night Bobby and I got to go on an honest to goodness date! :) My friend Catherine graciously hosted our kiddos for the night so we could go to the midnight showing of The Hunger Games. This was the kind of date the hearkens back to when we were first married a little over 14 years ago and lived in California. We would go to the theater, check what movies were playing (you know before Fandango/smart phones/fast internet) and pick the showing we wanted to go to, have dinner at Outback, see the movie and head for home. We saw a lot of movies when were first married. :)

After dropping our kiddos off at Catherine's we went to Outback for dinner. We didn't have to check movie times as I purchased our tickets two nights ago. And am I glad I did! We got there pretty early and got in line. I guess I bought them early enough on Fandango that we were able to get into one of the big theaters. While we were standing in line they came out and told us if we were in theater 9 we could go ahead and go on in. So we did, and as the first ones into our theater we got the best seats right in the middle..yes, I know that there really are no bad seats when you have stadium seating....but still., smack is the middle is pretty great!
As we sat there playing Angry Birds in Space and checking out Facebook and Google+ we talked about how old we are and how crazy we were for going to the midnight showing. The last midnight movie we went to was just about 10 years ago for Star Wars Episode II. I only remember because we were mid twenties then and I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter. Almost everyone in the theater last night was younger than us.Oh well, we are still young at heart....

Anyway, on to the movie..I will not post any spoilers here but if you liked the book you will like the movie. The movie is around 2 and a half hours long so there is plenty of detail from the book but there are a few things that they chose to leave out. They did not make a huge impact on the overall story though. If you have not read the book I would highly recommend reading it before seeing the movie so you know all of the details.
If you know Effie Trinket from the book and the movie she is at Opry Mills Mall! ;)
Check out the video for Taylor Swift's song (with the Civil Wars) Safe and Sound below. You can also hear a 90 second clip of The Civil Wars song Kingdom Come (that plays at the end of the credits here)

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