Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

 I realize Dr. Seuss's birthday was the 2nd of March, but these photos were actually taken that day. It has been fun celebrating with colorful pancakes the last few years. Little Man actually requested these this year along with Green Eggs and Ham.
 As fun as it is to make these pancakes, they never turn out fluffy like normal pancakes. I am sure that has to do with overbeating them to mix in the food coloring. Even though I am not much of a fan the kids love these each and every year! :)
 By a happy accident we ended up with the fishy cake below. The eye was just a drip of batter that got stuck in just the right spot. Little Man, especially, was thrilled with the fishy cake.
 It could go to no one else because he had to have it. Our little fish had a very short life and then it was gone. :)
 Did you celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday? If so what did you do?

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  1. Thos look very cute!!! Even if they didn't taste as good!