Saturday, February 25, 2012

There's only Two Types of People in the World....

...the ones who entertain and those that observe. Now you are singing Britney Spears...admit it! Yes, you are! ;)

This morning Munchkin and I went to spend an hour and a half in front of Lowe's hawking Girl Scout Cookies. The Britney song came to mind as I was watching people come out of the store and their responses to 8-11 year old girls holding boxes of delectable treats. In my observation I determined there are not just 2 but 6 types of people in the least when it comes to buying Girl Scout cookies.

1) The former girl scout. The former girl scout will always buy cookies outside of the store. She reminisces about her time in scouts and how she too sold cookies and what a fun experience it was.

2) The doting grandparent/parent. These folks usually have a kiddos with them and will ask the child if they want cookies..Sometimes this is really a ploy to get cookies for themselves while making it look like they are getting them for the kids. You can always tell if this is the case though because they steer the child in the direction of a particular cookie.

3)The excuse maker. Instead of just a polite no thank you you get "Sorry, no cash", "I have diabetes", "I just bought some from my (neighbor, granddaughter, second cousin friends child)". It is kind of nice to at least get a response even if it is a no.

4) The "I don't see you, you are not really there". These are the people that walk out of the store and even though you know they have heard the polite "Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies"? turn a blind eye and completely ignore the sweet little girls at the door. Perhaps these people are afraid they will be convinced to buy so they do not make eye contact, perhaps they have no cash on them and do not want to feel bad, perhaps they are just busy.

5) The I am too busy to see you there. This is the person that can see you outside and before they come to the door put their cellphone to their ear and give a polite wave as they pass. The texters kind of fall in the I don't see you, you are not really there category.

6) The exuberant buyer who needs a nudge. All it takes to sell five boxes of cookies to these customers is a polite "Would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?". They are like a boomerang who comes right back to the table and plunks down their stone cold cash.

What kind of person are you? Do you fall into one of these categories? I will admit, I am the former girl scout who will always buy cookies. However, if it is a different product (newspaper subscription, shriners....) I will go out of my way to go the other door so I don't have to talk to them. I am usually afraid they will try to convince me to buy something I do not want or need. Anyway, it was fun to observe as my girl sold cookies this morning and see so many different types of people. If you are ever out and about and see the girls selling cookies pick up a box and support their trip to camp! :)


  1. hmmm...I'm a former girl scout who never buys cookies. I always say no thank you as I speed by to any of the solicitors.

  2. I'm totally the excuse maker. I really DID buy some from my neighbor already. :)

  3. Girl scouts in Spain don't sell cookies so I have no idea what I am in those terms but when it comes to similar stuff I'm the excuse maker... I'm a student so my budget is limited!