Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Greatest Show On Earth!!!!

Last week Bobby called me and told me that the circus was in town. Since Munchkin went when she was 3 for a birthday party and Little Man hadn't been we decided it would be a fantastic idea to take the kiddos this weekend. We actually made an entire day of our trip downtown. We stopped for donuts and made a quick stop at the library. If you have not been in the Nashville Public Library, you really need to take a trip. It is a beautiful building and kids section is fantastic!
If you are familiar with the Nashville skyline you know that the Batman building is a prominent feature. As we were walking downtown my kiddos saw the building and wanted to walk right up to it so they could look straight up to the top. Since we were early we took the time to do just that. Munchkin was thrilled but Little Man was not happy. He has a fear of really high ceilings and looking up at skyscrapers. Once he was away from the building he was fine.
 It really is amazing to me how tall these buildings are! To get to the point where we could look up we had to pass this cool sculpture. It is fun to see the different artwork downtown so make sure if you are in town you take a look!
When we finally made it down to the Bridgestone Arena we told Little Man that we were going to check out the building. Our cover was blown though when Bobby had to shell out $12 for a program and some silly glasses. :) Munchkin, once again, was thrilled that we were going to the circus. Little Man was not so sure about the whole thing. We got to the Bridgestone an hour and fifteen minutes before the show was to start because we were able to be on the floor meeting the performers the hour before the show. Turns out someone famous brought their kid to the circus. There was one of those heinous stretch Hummers out front and people were taking pictures with the guy. I have no idea who he was but he was someone. ;)

Nothing against Bridgestone but it took forever to get in the door. The ticket scanner kept shutting down so we felt like we were in Office Space with how long the line took once the doors were opened. Not to fear though, we made it in and made our way to the floor and immediately ran into this clown. He told me I could take his picture for $45... Both kids look pretty excited don't they? :)

 Our next stop was the tightrope, where Munchkin was more than happy to hop in line to try it out. Little Man...not so much. He was happy to cheer big sister on though. :)
One great thing about being down on the floor was the fact that the kids got to meet the performers. There was also a drawing for elephant art. If you signed up you could take one of the clown noses on the table. It made a great free souvenir for  my kiddos. Munchkin also got a temporary tattoo on her hand. She is being very careful not to wash it off.

For the National Anthem this beautiful elephant was marched in in patriotic gear. It was fun to hear the arena full of singing from the audience..not just the performers.
Bobby said he could have done without the ringmasters musical numbers but the rest of the show was really entertaining. The horses ran around and around and around and around and then turned in circles.
I think I was most impressed with the tigers. They did a few tricks but there was a moment when I was little worried for the trainer. There was one particular white tiger that had its ears back on its head and kept swiping and hissing. That tiger was more than happy to head back into the cages when it was time.
I have to say I was quite impressed with the transitions between acts. There is a reason this circus is called "The Greatest Show on Earth". The clowns were funny, the stunts were fantastic and the performers played to the crowd. If Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey come back to town I am sure we would go again! :)

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  1. How fun! I loved reading this post. We've never taken the kids to the circus and now I really want to. Thanks for sharing.