Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1200 and A Case of Mistaken Identity

This is my 1,200th post!! If I had been a more consistent blogger that number would have been surpassed long ago. Alas, I am not all that consistent so here we are today, February 29th, Leap Day with post number 1,200.
What better way to celebrate my 1,200th post than by telling you how completely insane I am.

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Once upon a time a girl and her mother set out to sell a whole bunch of Girl Scout cookies. In the venture to sell as many as possibly the mother posted a note to her friends on facebook that live semi nearby hoping to help her daughter meet her goal. A friend not too far away said she would buy some cookies and would either pay for them at church or send a check in the mail.

The girl and her mother went to church and missed the friend. They made plans to meet up the next week to make the transaction. Once again they missed each other. However, the mother saw the friends husband and asked where his lovely wife was. He said she was out of state and agreed to pay for the cookies and took them off her hands.

Not too much later the mother got a message from the friend that said her daughter was sick and she would put a check in the mail the next day. The mother, not thinking sent a message back saying that she had given the cookies to her husband and asked how the state was that she was in....the mother thought maybe the mom had taken the sick daughter to see family.

The next day the mother got another message from the friend that said that she thought the message that had been sent the day before was meant for another friend.....a lightbulb went off in the mothers head and she realized she had sold the cookies to the wrong husband. Both husbands have the same first name and because the two families are usually at the same gatherings the mother got completely confused.  She smacked herself on the forehead and sent a message back to the friend telling her she had sold the cookies to the wrong husband. She also sent a message to the other family letting them know what happened. Then she got the money in the mail from the friend.

As of now the mother is not sure what to do but will probably see if she can get a few more cookies and go ahead and get them to the original family.

The End

I hope you enjoyed the story and can laugh along with me in how insane I am....

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  1. You're not insane just insanely busy!