Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1200 and A Case of Mistaken Identity

This is my 1,200th post!! If I had been a more consistent blogger that number would have been surpassed long ago. Alas, I am not all that consistent so here we are today, February 29th, Leap Day with post number 1,200.
What better way to celebrate my 1,200th post than by telling you how completely insane I am.

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Once upon a time a girl and her mother set out to sell a whole bunch of Girl Scout cookies. In the venture to sell as many as possibly the mother posted a note to her friends on facebook that live semi nearby hoping to help her daughter meet her goal. A friend not too far away said she would buy some cookies and would either pay for them at church or send a check in the mail.

The girl and her mother went to church and missed the friend. They made plans to meet up the next week to make the transaction. Once again they missed each other. However, the mother saw the friends husband and asked where his lovely wife was. He said she was out of state and agreed to pay for the cookies and took them off her hands.

Not too much later the mother got a message from the friend that said her daughter was sick and she would put a check in the mail the next day. The mother, not thinking sent a message back saying that she had given the cookies to her husband and asked how the state was that she was in....the mother thought maybe the mom had taken the sick daughter to see family.

The next day the mother got another message from the friend that said that she thought the message that had been sent the day before was meant for another friend.....a lightbulb went off in the mothers head and she realized she had sold the cookies to the wrong husband. Both husbands have the same first name and because the two families are usually at the same gatherings the mother got completely confused.  She smacked herself on the forehead and sent a message back to the friend telling her she had sold the cookies to the wrong husband. She also sent a message to the other family letting them know what happened. Then she got the money in the mail from the friend.

As of now the mother is not sure what to do but will probably see if she can get a few more cookies and go ahead and get them to the original family.

The End

I hope you enjoyed the story and can laugh along with me in how insane I am....

Saturday, February 25, 2012

There's only Two Types of People in the World....

...the ones who entertain and those that observe. Now you are singing Britney Spears...admit it! Yes, you are! ;)

This morning Munchkin and I went to spend an hour and a half in front of Lowe's hawking Girl Scout Cookies. The Britney song came to mind as I was watching people come out of the store and their responses to 8-11 year old girls holding boxes of delectable treats. In my observation I determined there are not just 2 but 6 types of people in the least when it comes to buying Girl Scout cookies.

1) The former girl scout. The former girl scout will always buy cookies outside of the store. She reminisces about her time in scouts and how she too sold cookies and what a fun experience it was.

2) The doting grandparent/parent. These folks usually have a kiddos with them and will ask the child if they want cookies..Sometimes this is really a ploy to get cookies for themselves while making it look like they are getting them for the kids. You can always tell if this is the case though because they steer the child in the direction of a particular cookie.

3)The excuse maker. Instead of just a polite no thank you you get "Sorry, no cash", "I have diabetes", "I just bought some from my (neighbor, granddaughter, second cousin friends child)". It is kind of nice to at least get a response even if it is a no.

4) The "I don't see you, you are not really there". These are the people that walk out of the store and even though you know they have heard the polite "Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies"? turn a blind eye and completely ignore the sweet little girls at the door. Perhaps these people are afraid they will be convinced to buy so they do not make eye contact, perhaps they have no cash on them and do not want to feel bad, perhaps they are just busy.

5) The I am too busy to see you there. This is the person that can see you outside and before they come to the door put their cellphone to their ear and give a polite wave as they pass. The texters kind of fall in the I don't see you, you are not really there category.

6) The exuberant buyer who needs a nudge. All it takes to sell five boxes of cookies to these customers is a polite "Would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?". They are like a boomerang who comes right back to the table and plunks down their stone cold cash.

What kind of person are you? Do you fall into one of these categories? I will admit, I am the former girl scout who will always buy cookies. However, if it is a different product (newspaper subscription, shriners....) I will go out of my way to go the other door so I don't have to talk to them. I am usually afraid they will try to convince me to buy something I do not want or need. Anyway, it was fun to observe as my girl sold cookies this morning and see so many different types of people. If you are ever out and about and see the girls selling cookies pick up a box and support their trip to camp! :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{TWD, BWJ} Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

Here we are with the second recipe from Baking with Julia. This Chocolate Truffle Tartlets recipe is by David Ogonowski. If you check out Spike's page she has a video of Julia putting this together. She also has the recipe posted. Our other lovely hosts for the week are Steph of A Whisk and  a Spoon, Jamie of Good Eats 'n Sweets and Jessica of Cookbookhabit.
When a recipe called for this much chocolate you know it is going to be good! I chose several different kinds of chocolate to include in my tartlets, which after tasting I thought might not work together but they did.
Funny side note...I typed Chocolate Truffle Tartlets into my phone as a reminder to post and it auto corrected to Chocolate Truffle Rattlers....

Lindt chocolate how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. :) 

The chocolate dough for the tartlets reminded me of world peace cookies. With a little more salt I could have eaten much of it without baking it. Once these were baked and cooled I cut them into fourths and took them to a superbowl party. Everyone who tried them really liked them...even if the kids liked the oreo truffle footballs I took as well. These were delicious the first day and still just as tasty the second. The second day these had the texture of a fudgy brownie and were eaten even faster by my family.

 If you would like to make these check out our hosts sites, check out the LYL,  or purchase Baking with Julia and join the group. :) Next up: Irish Soda Bread.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

{TWD:BWJ}: White Loaves

Welcome back to Tuesdays with Dorie. You may remember we finished up Baking from My Home to Yours in December with some sadness mixed with joy. Well, today starts a new baking adventure. Many of the same lovely baking ladies and gentelmen have joined in and a whole lot more have joined. There are over 300 blogs represented from all over the world!

The book we are going to work through is called Baking with Julia. Dorie Greenspan published this delectable cookbook in 1996. You may even have it on your shelf. If that is the case come become a master baker along with the rest of the crowd at Tuesdays with Dorie.

The very first recipe chosen from Baking with Julia by our hosts, (and fearless leaders) Laurie from Slush and Jules from Someone in the Kitchen, is White Loaves. Jules has the recipe on her blog if you would like to check it out.

There have been some techniques that I have been a little intimidated by over the last few years but yeast has never been one of them. I suppose it is because my mom always made cornmeal crescent rolls when I was growing up and she never seemed intimidated by the yeast in them. In fact she was very matter of fact about the process when she showed me how to make them. Thanks mom for being a great example in harnessing the power of the yeast! ;) I used my hand mixer to get my dough going but kneaded mostly by hand. Since I have a tendency to kill appliances by overworking them I thought it would behoove me not to kill this one.
After the second rise my 2 loaves were not quite equal but I figured that would happen. One of my pans is bigger than the other so of course that loaf was slightly flatter. The short loaf though, held a delicious surprise. Instead of just rolling up the dough I added some butter and cinnamon swirl (many others did this as well) to make a delicious cinnamon bread.
This bread was a snap to make. There were 2 rise cycles but I had this baked before lunch..which in the book it actually says "You can have this made before lunch". :) There was plenty of time for the bread to cool before my kids got home from school . When they did get home though half of the first loaf was devoured in minutes for snack. I even had an extra little boy who tends to be slightly picky eat two pieces!
The second loaf was cut the next morning for breakfast. We had cinnamon toast and it was agreed that I should definitely make this again! I do think the one thing I will do is get some bread flour specifically for this recipe but I will be making it again.
If you would like to see how over 300 bakers from around the world have done with this recipe check out the LYL (Leave your Link). If you would like to bake along pick up your copy of Baking with Julia today!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Greatest Show On Earth!!!!

Last week Bobby called me and told me that the circus was in town. Since Munchkin went when she was 3 for a birthday party and Little Man hadn't been we decided it would be a fantastic idea to take the kiddos this weekend. We actually made an entire day of our trip downtown. We stopped for donuts and made a quick stop at the library. If you have not been in the Nashville Public Library, you really need to take a trip. It is a beautiful building and kids section is fantastic!
If you are familiar with the Nashville skyline you know that the Batman building is a prominent feature. As we were walking downtown my kiddos saw the building and wanted to walk right up to it so they could look straight up to the top. Since we were early we took the time to do just that. Munchkin was thrilled but Little Man was not happy. He has a fear of really high ceilings and looking up at skyscrapers. Once he was away from the building he was fine.
 It really is amazing to me how tall these buildings are! To get to the point where we could look up we had to pass this cool sculpture. It is fun to see the different artwork downtown so make sure if you are in town you take a look!
When we finally made it down to the Bridgestone Arena we told Little Man that we were going to check out the building. Our cover was blown though when Bobby had to shell out $12 for a program and some silly glasses. :) Munchkin, once again, was thrilled that we were going to the circus. Little Man was not so sure about the whole thing. We got to the Bridgestone an hour and fifteen minutes before the show was to start because we were able to be on the floor meeting the performers the hour before the show. Turns out someone famous brought their kid to the circus. There was one of those heinous stretch Hummers out front and people were taking pictures with the guy. I have no idea who he was but he was someone. ;)

Nothing against Bridgestone but it took forever to get in the door. The ticket scanner kept shutting down so we felt like we were in Office Space with how long the line took once the doors were opened. Not to fear though, we made it in and made our way to the floor and immediately ran into this clown. He told me I could take his picture for $45... Both kids look pretty excited don't they? :)

 Our next stop was the tightrope, where Munchkin was more than happy to hop in line to try it out. Little Man...not so much. He was happy to cheer big sister on though. :)
One great thing about being down on the floor was the fact that the kids got to meet the performers. There was also a drawing for elephant art. If you signed up you could take one of the clown noses on the table. It made a great free souvenir for  my kiddos. Munchkin also got a temporary tattoo on her hand. She is being very careful not to wash it off.

For the National Anthem this beautiful elephant was marched in in patriotic gear. It was fun to hear the arena full of singing from the audience..not just the performers.
Bobby said he could have done without the ringmasters musical numbers but the rest of the show was really entertaining. The horses ran around and around and around and around and then turned in circles.
I think I was most impressed with the tigers. They did a few tricks but there was a moment when I was little worried for the trainer. There was one particular white tiger that had its ears back on its head and kept swiping and hissing. That tiger was more than happy to head back into the cages when it was time.
I have to say I was quite impressed with the transitions between acts. There is a reason this circus is called "The Greatest Show on Earth". The clowns were funny, the stunts were fantastic and the performers played to the crowd. If Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey come back to town I am sure we would go again! :)