Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spam and Anchovies - 2012 Edition

Near the end of the year our little Spam and Anchovies group had a some trouble getting together on a regular basis. We did have a soup swap...where I didn't take soup because I am lame...but I did take cake. I brought home a delicious butternut squash soup and a delicious minestrone soup.
We also had a cookie swap where all 5 of us made it. The cookies were fantastic and we had a sweet little time together right before Christmas.

We are now onto the 2012 version of Spam and Anchovies and we are changing things up a bit. Each of us (Melissa, Vanessa, Kenna, Anne and me) invited a friend to join us. We set a regular night to meet and we decided to have the host prepare the main course. Everyone else will bring sides, drinks and dessert. Cooking together was fun but we were sitting down to eat pretty late and then we were tired. We are hoping this will work out even better than last year did.

Friday was our first 2012 get together. Melissa hosted and made chicken chili. We were missing Kenna due to a sick kiddo (we missed ya Kenna) but the rest of us were there with our guests. It was a wonderful beginning to a year of dining together!

I am looking forward to the conversation, the new recipes we are bound to try, and the fun memories with my Spam and Anchovies group! :)

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  1. I think the new format is going to work much better! A relaxing evening of fun conversation was fabulous!!! Look forward to what you plan for us next month.