Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Well, 2011 has come and gone and here we are in 2012. Of course it will be May before I actually write 2012 on anything. With the dawning of a new year there are always resolutions to think of. Are you a resolution person or a "resolutions are lame" person?

The new year to me always feels like a fresh start. I know it is silly but the changing of the year is a big deal in my mind! So, even though I don't necessarily make resolutions I do think about things I would like to do better or more of in the year to come. Some of my friends focus on a word for the year and I think that is a great idea. One friend (Sarah) is focusing on the word "Friendship". We just had a conversation about how so many of us have just let our friendships fall away because we are so busy raising our kids and focusing on really important things that we use busyness as an excuse not to call up a friend for coffee. However, we have to be intentional about friendships in this time in our lives so that our friendships can be cultivated and stay strong. Several other words that friends shared for the year are Freedom, Calm, and Love. I think if I was to choose a word for the year it would have to be Self Discipline. It is something I am lacking and hope to focus on this year.

One of the areas I would like to have self discipline in this year is cooking for my family. We eat out far too often and really need to eat at home. I also want to be disciplined in posting a photo each day on my crazyblessedlife365 blog and in keeping up with French Fridays with Dorie and with Baking with Julia. For those people that cook for their families on a very regular basis this might seem silly but it is an area where I struggle. Yes, I bake lots of goodies but I need to actually cook too. :) I suppose if I keep up on the blogging you will be able to tell if I have kept up with Self Discipline this year.

If you were to choose a word what would it be? If you don't choose a word, have you set some goals or resolutions for the year? I would love to hear what you are planning for least until the end of the world in December. ;)

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  1. I think my word would have to be calm. I'm trying to stay calm and focused in the new year and take a deep breath when I feel stressed.