Saturday, January 28, 2012

{FFWD} Broth Braised Potatoes

Well, today is Saturday, not Friday. But that is OK. I am at least getting my post up before the weekend is over. I actually made these potatoes a couple of weeks ago while hubs and I were on the Daniel Fast. It is basically a vegan diet with even more restrictions. By changing out the chicken broth in these for vegetable broth they were able to fit the bill.

Have you ever eaten at Boston Market? That is what these tasty potatoes made me think of...mmmm Boston Market....

These were very simple to make and turned out perfectly. Both of my kiddos went back for seconds and my hubs like them as well. They will definitely go in the recipe rotation!

Make sure to check out how all the other cooks did with this recipe and make sure to pick up a copy of Around My French Table and join in the cooking fun! :)


  1. Sounds like these were a hit in your house, for sure!
    We chsnged out for vegetable broth in our house too.

  2. Boston Market - remember it well, it was a good alternative to the usual quick food. We loved these also, and have made them a couple times since. They are also delicious the next day in a salad.

  3. These Broth Braised Potatoes are looking good but i never tasted it and now i will try it soon.

  4. Your potatoes look great, this was a recipe that my whole family liked too, score one for Dorie :)