Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prayers Appreciated

I know, I know I have been a terrible blogger lately. I did make Salted Butter Break Ups, took pictures of the moon, discovered some local chocolate, and have several fun kid stories but it has been a busy and crazy time.

Please keep my family in prayer. My dad is in the hospital today with blood clots in both lungs and in his right leg. My mom took him last night and I am glad she did. Hubs aunt is in the hospital with a tumor in her throat. She has started radiation and we are praying for a miracle healing. There has been a job loss (neither of us) and we are praying for direction and where the next step will be.

Soon I hope to be back with fun posts but we just need prayer at the moment.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Munchkin has been showing some interest in cooking and asked for a cookbook for Christmas. She actually got two, one from each uncle. She has been looking through them trying to plan some meals. Tonight she chose a meal from the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. We made lightly seasoned chicken drumsticks.

The drumsticks needed to be cooked under the broiler for 10 minutes a side. Hubs was in the kitchen with me when I realized I could hardly see him. My glasses weren't fogging up there was smoke coming out of the oven. When I opened the oven there were large flames that went out fairly quickly. Thinking (stupidly) that the oil wouldn't relight I flipped the drumsticks and stuck them back in the oven. I did not realize what a low smoke point olive oil had, but believe me I do now!

The fire was even bigger the second time I opened the oven. I calmly got the baking soda down and poured it on the flames. (Thank goodness they were in the corner and not on the chicken) The flames went out and I just baked the chicken instead of broiling it for the rest of the time.

We opened all of the windows that we could and tried to clear out the smoke. Here it is 4 hours later and my eyes are still itchy.

My kiddos though have listened well to all of the fire safety tips they have been taught. Little Man came and told me I needed to Stop Drop and Roll. Munchkin told me I needed to crawl on the floor to stay beneath the  smoke. If it was a really serious fire we would have gotten out safely.

Now, off to clean up the cookie sheet that is covered in black soot.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

{TWD} Chocolate Pots de Creme

One of my very favorite desserts is Creme Brulee. I love the crunchy top, I love the creamy custard and I especially love when there is fruit baked in it as well. I do not really like pudding. This recipe sounded like it would be close to the custard in Creme Brulee rather that pudding but it was easier to tell the kids it was pudding. A big thank you to Christine at Black Cat Cooking for choosing this weeks Tuesdays with Dorie Recipe. Now the results of my Pots de Creme:

8 little pot de creme sitting on the counter
1 was eaten by the dog and then there were seven
7 little pots de creme sitting on the counter
1 got its picture taken and then there were 6
6 little pots de creme sitting on the counter
1 was gobbled by a sweet little boy and the there were 5
5 little pots de creme sitting on the counter
1 was torched and sprinkled with raspberry syrup and then there were 4
4 little pots de creme sitting on the counter
1 was eaten by a hubby and then there were 3
3 little pots de creme sitting in the refrigerator
those three pots were saved for later
8 little pots de creme sitting on the counter
each and every one enjoyed one more than the others

Go make this recipe now! You can check out Christine's blog for the recipe or go buy Baking from My Home to Yours! :)