Tuesday, December 06, 2011

{TWD} Earl Grey Madelines

 Way back when I was a freshman in college, my grandparents sent me a tea set for my birthday. It included 2 large green mugs, which I still have, and several types of tea in a white basket. Earl Grey was by far my favorite.

For some reason I do not recall there being a microwave in the girls dorm and we were not allowed to have hot plates. For this reason I spent a considerable amount of time microwaving water for tea in the lobby of the boys dorm. Perhaps having to go there made drinking tea even more fun. :)
When I saw this week's recipe I was reminded of my grandparents and that sweet tea set that in turn created many memories.
These cookies were not difficult to put together but they did require some time in the fridge before baking. One new technique I learned from this was infusing butter with tea. I did not have a cheesecloth so I used a coffee filter in my sieve to separate the butter from the tea leaves. Of course, that was not terribly effective either so we had some tea leaves in the cookies. One other reminder to myself....do not set the timer and leave the house...my madelines passed golden and springy and went straight to dark brown and slightly burned. The characteristic hump on the other side looked great though and both of my kiddos ate the madelines without a peep about them being burned.

 Once again there were two recipes chosen. Nichi of Bakeologie chose Earl Grey Madelines and Kayte of Grandma's Kitchen Table chose Honey Almond Fig Tart. I have every intention of making the tart as well however I could not find fresh figs. Perhaps next week. :)

Like I said last week, I am sad to see TWD coming to an end soon. We are gear up to start a new book though (Baking with Julia) and I am hoping to see my copy under the tree in a couple of weeks. If you want to join in check out this link for the details. I am looking forward to baking with my old TWD friends but would love to see some new faces too! Especially some of my local peeps! ;)
Make sure to check out how the other bakers did with each of these recipes this week!


  1. Oh geesh you really browned those babies! I think I would eat them anyways too. I actually wish I had cooked mine longer.
    Thanks for baking with me :)

  2. They aren't burned - just a little dark. I'd have one with my tea.