Sunday, December 18, 2011

Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec Wrap Up

This is one of those posts that is here to remind me what happened in the last few months. Since my last few posts have all been baking related this is just a list of things we did.

  • Disney World Extravaganza
  •  Kids started 1st grade and 4th grade
  • Little Man bought a skateboard
  • Trophy Ceremony for baseball for Little Man
  • Went to Throwback Thursday Sounds game
  • Munchkin had strep that we initially thought was a spider bite
  • got Munchkins TCAP scores..they rocked!
  • Took the kids to Cedar Creek Batting Cages and Go Karts
  • Kids learned how to make armpit farts
  • I turned 37
  • Took Munchkin to the Perch for Crepes
  • Huge limb fell off of our tree during a mild rainstorm. Thankfully no cars were under it
  • Kids played Upward Soccer. Lady Owls and the Lightning
  • Little Man told us about a little girl trying to kiss him on the playground
  • Went to the Encore picnic
  • My grandpa had heart surgery and came through with flying colors
  • Went to a preseason Predators game for free at the Bridgestone Arena
  • Salient played at Meridee's Bread Basket in Franklin
  • We tried a new Thai place and the kids loved it!
  • Munchkin attempted to pull her tooth with a remote control airplane (it didn't work)
  • Salient played at "The Stand" in our neighborhood
  • I busted the screen on my 2 month old phone (it still works though)
  • Kids put on a "Crazy Kids Concert" on our porch to raise money for church. 
  • Did a sweet family photo shoot at a park. 
  • Introduced the kids to Edamame
  • Worked on the banners for both kids classes for the school fitness day
  • Went to Atlanta to hang out with the Jacksons
  • Salient played at the Madison Folk Fest
  • Did some letterboxing
  • Munchkin made chocolate almond topped shortbread all by herself
  • Saw Wicked at TPAC
  • Went to Pumpkin Hill for Pumpkins. Little Man won a 75 pound pumpkin for guessing the closest weight
  • Halloween: Bobby was Thor, I was Glinda the Good Witch, Munchkin was Elphaba: the Wicked Witch of the West, and Little Man was a cop with a radar gun
  • Munchkin read Because of Winn Dixie
  • We went to the Hobby Lobby family day where we all shot airsoft guns and drove remote control cars
  • Kids were attacked by the leaf monster that appears in our yard every fall
  • Won first place in photography and baking at neighborhood village fair
  • Munchkin won first place for kids baking and second for drawing
  • Little Man sang his rendition of Taylor Swift's "You Belong to Me":  You wear short pants, I wear long na na na na....I wear short sleeves, you wear long na na na na.... :)
  • Little Man and I spent several hours at the children's hospital getting a piece of glass removed from his foot. 
  • Saw Breaking Dawn
  • Spent Thanksgiving at Mark and Melissa's house
  • Saw the Muppet movie
  • Saw Santa at Bass Pro Shop
  • Munchkin had "Nature Club" at our house
  • Built a snowman out of pumpkins that I spray painted white
  • Dinner 8 at our house with Lindsay and Andrew and Sarah and Travis
  • Got our Christmas Tree at Lowe's
  • Went to Bobby's work party
  • Celebrated our 14th anniversary by going out to dinner at Outback the actual night and then to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol on Saturday
  • Took the kids Christmas caroling in the neighborhood. 
  • Obviously it is not the end of December yet and there is so much more that will happen in the next couple of weeks. I am looking forward to 2012 and hope that I will be a better blogger in the future. :) *sigh* I suppose it takes the discipline that I lack.... 
Marry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

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  1. That's way busy! :) Merry Christmas to you and yours! - mary the food librarian