Summer Time is Travel Time

Well hello blogland! It is good to see you again! I have looked out over the vast expanse of my non summer blogginess and felt shame...well not really..we were really busy all summer. I think there are over 1000 posts unread in my google reader but I was busy making memories with my kiddos. Now if I can get them down on paper that would be fabuloso! :)

We took a road trip and hit 11 states in 15 days. We were home for a week and hit another 2 states in our quest for the perfect family vacation to the "Happiest Place on Earth". I have a whole series planned out on that trip that I am sure the grandparents and family will appreciate. :)

Today I am baking cookies to give to our neighbor that watched our dog and doing a mountain of laundry. Somewhere in there I have to take my daughter to buy school shoes and get each of my kiddos at least one new pair of pants or school shorts. At least I got their school supplies before we left for Florida. Now, where is my label maker........


  1. Welcome home!
    Im setting out today to get my 13 year old his school supplies!!
    Im glad you had a good trip!


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