Thursday, August 11, 2011

Disney Vacation Travel and Day 1

Months ago we decided to take the kids on a trip to Disney World. One of my favorite memories as a kid was driving down to SoCal to our friends house, loading up in their camper and heading to Disneyland. Even when I was in college I got to go a few times on tickets earned though performing with the APU choir.

When we finally saved up enough to take the trip we called and booked everything. We decided to stay on property so that we could take the buses to the parks and did the dining plan so the kids could meet the characters without having to stand in a ton of lines. There were a few surprises along the way that we managed to keep from the kiddos but I had a hard time containing myself!

We left on Saturday and drove to Atlanta to stay overnight with our sweet friends. We told our kiddos they could yell out the window to their friends while we were passing through so when we actually pulled into the driveway Munchkin said "Where are we? I thought we were staying in a hotel!" She was quite shocked when her best friends daddy opened the door! That was that and we didn't see our children again until dinner time. We let them stay up and watch a movie while we grown ups watched one of the Bourne movies and ate caramel popcorn. :)

Sunday morning the kids jumped some rope and played some basketball before we hopped in the car and headed for the Magic Kingdom. A quick shout out goes out to Google for teaching me all about Spanish Moss on our way down. I was intrigued by the way it hung from the trees. Not only was I on the lookout for Spanish Moss but also for gators. I really thought I might see one but alas I did not.

After what felt like a very long drive we finally arrived at the All Star Music Resort in Buena Vista Florida. Check in was a breeze and we found our room without a problem. Well...kind of. We ended up at the Movie resort before turning around and finding our building at the Music Resort. After the frantic excitement of finding Micky made out of towels on our bed and getting settled we decided to get on the bus and head to Downtown Disney.

I personally was quickly overwhelmed because there were so many people. The kids did fine though. The Lego store was a big hit as was the Disney store with the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. There was a giant Stitch on top that spit water and Bobby managed to get Little Man right in the water path.

There we so many souvenirs to choose from but we finally decided on autograph books and a pen to take to each of the parks. We finally made our way to Planet Hollywood (we had a $15 voucher for dinner) and put our name in for dinner. It took about an hour to get seated but it was worth the wait. There was plenty of memorabilia to check out and that made the wait a bit more bearable. Our table was right next to the DJ so Munchkin went up all by herself to request a song. What did she pick? Party in the USA. Earworm of the year. ;) We thought it was really funny to look around the restaurant and see so many people dancing along to the song. And, we were so proud of Munchkin going up there all by herself to request the song.
Our day was coming to an end and it was finally time to go back to the hotel. We caught the shuttle and it was packed. We had to stand the whole way back to the hotel and the people on the bus were kind of grumpy and sweaty and someone had gas. What can you do? You pay a lot of money and go all day long. I cut most people some slack that night except for the lady that shoved back at my kid who had never had to stand on a packed shuttle bus before and kind of lost her balance. That lady got a dirty look but it didn't dampen my spirit at all for the upcoming adventure we were about to have.
I am still editing pictures from the trip so hopefully I will have a day by day account with some tips and tricks we learned along the way. :)


  1. This is like a good book that you can't put down. Can't wait for your next posts.

  2. What a fun trip for my grandkiddos! I can't wait to hear the rest and see the pictures.

  3. Looking forward to your posts. We went in May and hope to go again in 2012. I would definitely say, the worst part of the trip is the shuttle bus back to the hotel later in the evening. Sorry about that rude woman, too!