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Disney Day 3: Animal Kingdom

Our third day at the Magic Kingdom started off with this facebook update:
"It appears I will be starting my day with a diet coke and Tylenol cocktail. I hope the kids don't hurt as much as we grownups do..."

That was followed by a video of the kids waking up and saying they were excited about heading to Animal Kingdom and promptly crawling back under the blankets. That could have been an indication of the kind of day we were going to have. Bobby was not thrilled because he didn't want to go to the zoo. I was not thrilled because I had heard it was hotter than the other parks which was later confirmed by a cast member. But, we tried to make the best of it.

 We had a reservation at the Tusker House restaurant in Africa for breakfast and it was so hot we thought we really were in Africa. Thank goodness for air conditioning! We got to meet Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Mickey (safari themed) at this meal. Even though we liked this meal one thing I would do differently would be to make sure I knew which characters are typically at the meal. Because we met Mickey, Goofy and Donald at Chef Mickeys the kids were still happy to see them but not as excited as they were the day before. There are so many different character meals it would be nice to meet other characters. Munchkin loved the juice they gave us and I admit I really liked it too and I am not a juice drinker.
 After breakfast we headed straight for the safari. It was close by and there was not a wait so we basically walked right on. I took my telephoto lens with me and left it in the hotel room safe...yep brought it specifically for the safari....Oh well. We did see quite a few animals on the safari and many of them were pretty close to the jeep we were riding in. This lion was not this close.
 The kids loved the safari though. Little Man said his favorite animal to see was the hippo. Munchkin liked the flamingo babies. :)
After the safari we were in kind of a quandary. Both of us are very familiar with Disneyland and Magic Kingdom was easy to navigate. Having never been to Animal Kingdom we were at a bit of a loss as to what to do. We knew we wanted to go on Expedition Everest and on the Kali Rapids but we were not really sure what else was fun.
While wandering the kids got to beat on a bunch of drums and meet Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore. 
We did know that we wanted to go on Dinosaur so we went to Dinoworld and I hung out with the kids while Bobby ran to get the fast passes. While in Dinoworld the kids found a couple of nifty things to do. One was to check out this awesome Alligator skull and the other was to put a bunch of dino bones in the right places. They had a passport that could be stamped in each of the lands at the kids activity booths.
 The big dizzy roller coaster was closed but I can't say I was disappointed. I used to be able to ride anything but now ugh....Even without the roller coaster there was still plenty to do. The dino area is like a big carnival including the carny games that you have to pay extra for. That didn't happen but we did ride the dino ride that was like Dumbo. All four of us were able to ride one dinosaur and there were controls for the front and back seats. Munchkin....the child who loved Splash Mountain and Big Thunder...screamed her head off because we were up high. There was also a great big kids play area that had water flowing down a wall and a great big fan that if you stood in just the right spot was a giant relief from the heat. The kids probably would have stayed in that play area much longer if we had let them.
Finally it was time for Dinosaur: the ride. This picture is right before scarring our children for life once again. My poor son was terrified...I was kind of scared too so I don't blame him one bit! I think he still likes dinosaurs...maybe...

Next up was the trip to get the fast pass for Expedition Everest. While waiting on the time to pass we walked through another area to see more animals. This is a child that is hot and hungry and cares nothing about the Komodo Dragon behind her:
 In this area they had giant bats, tigers and antelope. There was also a lot of people making it even hotter. I have to admit at this point it was time for lunch. We tried to find one place but no one really wanted to eat there but me and when I realized there was no indoor seating I didn't want to eat there either. We found a pizza place with air and good food. Once we had all eaten and had cold drinks (we had water but it was not icy cold) we were all a bit happier. We still had time to kill before Expedition Everest so we managed to even make it to the Birds of Flight show. I was very impressed with the Bald Eagle. Of course I am not sure about some of the show because I am fairly sure I slept through some of it...feeling old... The kids loved it though and really wanted to go up to the front at the end. We could see them and had no problem with that. Munchkin took good care of Little Man and made sure he stayed right with her.
 Little Man did NOT want to go on Expedition Everest. Since we had 4 fast passes Bobby was able to take Munchkin and then I was able to take her again. Crazy girl. She LOVED it! She did freak a little when we were stuck on the section going up for a few minutes. It was a good thing we were stuck though since Bobby was able to get a picture of us on our way down the big hill.
Munchkin and Bobby on Expedition Everest
 Our last fast pass of the day was for Kali River Rapids. And honestly I can't remember what we did while we were waiting to go on that ride. There was a little lizard in the bushes that I took a picture of, we may have looked at the Gibbons again and I think we just stayed out of the way. We went to the line 5 minutes before our time and the cast member let us through. Now typically I think she would have asked us to wait but there had been a threat of rain so it had been closed and they were trying to get people through.

This is a ride that had the disclaimer at the beginning that you will get wet. Possibly soaked. We got soaked. Somehow Munchkin and I were on the side that went under the waterfall.

 We were done. Once soaked we had done everything we wanted to do at the Animal Kingdom and went back to the hotel. I didn't know if we would go anywhere else that night and posted again on facebook:
We are still getting our moneys worth if we just spend the rest of tonight at the pool....right?
I got a lot of responses that all said yes! and enjoy the resort. We spent a good long time in the All Star Music Resort guitar shaped pool and then decided we were hungry. Since Epcot had extra magic hours we decided to go to China for dinner. We all felt refreshed and ready to head back out.
Once in Epcot we realized we were going to have to walk. I wore flip flops hoping that would help me and my poor blistered feet. We tried to check out Soaring but the fast passes were sold out for the night and we didn't want to wait and hour and half to get on. So we headed for China. When we got there Little Man said he wanted a cheeseburger. Now, I have not been to Epcot in a very long time and I didn't really look at the map before going in so Bobby said that America was just a couple of countries over. I didn't realize how very far it was so I sent him and Little Man to get the cheeseburger while we ordered our food. Munchkin and I ate our food and waited for them to come back...and waited...and waited. I got a to go box and we went out to the front of China hoping to see some of the fireworks....and then it started to sprinkle...and then it proceeded to pour. Oh, did I mention my cell phone was charging at the hotel? We went back to the restaurant to wait and I was just on the verge of asking someone for their cell when Bobby and Little Man made it back to where we were. 
When the rain started they stayed put and Little Man ate his dinner at a table with an umbrella where they could see some of the fireworks.I was really afraid that my sweet husband was getting madder and madder but he had a really good attitude about the whole situation. 
We called Bobby's parents from Germany (because we thought that was funny) and finally made it back to the bus around midnight. 
Our last adventure for the night was on Mission Space. We did the less challenging mission. You know it is going to be bad when they have barf bags in the seat pocket in front of you. I closed my eyes for awhile. Munchkin screamed her head off and Little Man absolutely LOVED it! He did a great job navigating everything and pushing the buttons he was supposed to. I was glad we ended the night on a good note for him after Dinosaur. :) 
I think reading back through it sounds like we did not have a good day but we really did. It was hot and crowded at Animal Kingdom but we did get to do some fun things there. I do think that we may skip that park though if we ever get to do a trip like this again.
Tips for Animal Kingdom: Bring water and snacks and have a lot of patience. Also, use fast passes.
Next: Universal Islands of Adventure

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