Thursday, August 18, 2011

Disney Day 2: Magic Kingdom

Disney Travel Tip #1: If you have a "smart" phone that has all of your appointments make sure to take a printed copy of your reservations with you. My "smart" phone moved all of my reservations one hour later than I made them.

Our first day was one of getting up early and going to bed late, plenty of sweating and many many blisters in the mean time but also lots of magic!. The kids had been talking about Space Mountain for days so we were prepared to let them ride that as their first ride at Magic Kingdom. But first, we had breakfast.

Disney Travel Tip #2 If you are going with kids and want to see characters without standing in ginormous lines get the dining plan and get reservations for character dining. The characters come right up to your table instead of waiting in the heat (or cold) to see them.

We got to breakfast at Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary Hotel early (or did we?) so we checked out the gift shops and went out on the observation deck for a bit. The anticipation was building for the kids since they could see Space Mountain! I was not really sure they could get more excited until they spotted Mickey Mouse at Chef Mickey's. One of the surprises I managed to keep was that there would be characters at some of our meals. Both Munchkin and Little Man were so excited when each of the characters came to our table, kissed them on the heads and hugged them. They had their autograph books out and ready and even danced around when it was time to dance with the characters.  They got to see Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto that morning. When I checked our dinner reservation time on my phone I did a double take. I knew that I did not schedule dinner for 9 pm. That was when I discovered my phone had moved all of my appointments upon changing time zones. I must commend Chef Mickey's here because I had no idea we were there at the wrong time. When we walked up to the counter and told them our name they gave me a pager. We waited about 10 minutes and were seated. They didn't cancel us or even say we would have to come back at another time, they just seated us. It later occurred to me that our reservation had been earlier and that was why we had to leave so early to get there.

After our exciting breakfast and a video of the kids telling us how awesome Chef Mickey's was we jumped on the monorail and headed for the Magic Kingdom. My backpack was searched along with everyone else carrying a bag and I, of course, picked the wrong line to be admitted. A new thing..or maybe it has just been awhile, they took a fingerprint so no one else could use your card to get into the park. The kids got maps and we were on our way to Tomorrowland. But, before we could reach Tomorrowland we hit Main Street. Munchkin recently saw Mary Poppins and has been randomly singing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and to her delight there was a band singing that song. She boldly popped over and sang along while taking part in a chorus line!

The kids saw the Buzz Lightyear ride so we got fast passes for that ride and headed for Space Mountain. The line for Space Mountain was only about 15 minutes long. It may have taken us longer to walk to the line than we actually had to wait. Now, being a kid from Cali I am used to Space Mountain being two people next to each other. It is different at Magic Kingdom though. The chair is more like a captains chair and you are lined up behind each other. We get on Space in the front, Munchkin behind me, Little Man and then Bobby. By the time we start heading up the hill Munchkin is yelling "This is freaking me out!! This is freaking me OUT!!! THIS IS FREAKING ME OUT!!! By the midpoint of the ride she is just screaming and Little Man is crying his eyes out. I was screaming because it's fun and I am pretty sure Bobby was back there yelling too. We got off the ride and had to stop before we left the building to console our poor freaked out, scarred for life children. That was really not the best possible start to the day however it really did get better.

While waiting for our turn on Buzz Lightyear we went on the race cars. Little Man did not want to drive until halfway around the track and then leaned over to "help" me. Let's just say there was quite a bit of riding the rail around the track on that pass. Munchkin drove her car around though and did a "smash-up" job of it. ;)

Disney Tip #3 Utilize the fast pass system. It will be your best timesaver.

Once we finished the race cars it was time to head back to Buzz Lightyear. Because we had our fast passes we waited about 5 minutes to get on the ride. Not too shabby! As an added bonus when we came out Buzz was signing autographs. Since this was one of the characters the kids would not get to see at a meal we waited in line for them to meet him. When there were about 5 kids ahead of us he had to go take a break. It was a short one thank goodness because we were hot and sweaty and a little grumpy to be standing in line.

Our adventure continued in Fantasyland where we were headed to get fast passes for Peter Pan. We got sidetracked though when we saw the line for the teacups was walk on. I went once and then stayed off to the side and took pictures while Bobby took the kids on a second time. Bobby spun the kids so fast and they loved it!

The fast pass for Peter Pan gave us two hours to go find something else to do. So, we rode It's a Small World and looked for Hidden Mickeys, rode the Haunted Mansion (score two for scarring our children for life) and looked for the Hidden Mickey, rode the Jungle Cruise and finally went back to Peter Pan. Munchkin and Little Man really wanted to ride together so we let them. I was a little worried about Little Man but he did just fine. Once again, with our fast pass we did not wait long however the guy in front of us was doing this:

Disney Tip #4 Do not try to conduct business on a cell phone in line with 800 screaming children.

While in line for Peter Pan we were hoping the impending storm would hit and be over by the time we were out of the such luck.  We ran over to Frontierland and tried to get a fast pass for Splash Mountain which was closed due to the impending storm. We tried Big Thunder Mountain...closed. Tom Sawyer Island...closed. It was time for a snack. So we used one of dining plan snack credits to get ice cream. It hit the spot and we were ready to find some other rides. We checked out the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and the went on Pirates. I can't help but compare the ride with the one at Disneyland. The line at Magic Kingdom is all covered which is wonderful. I do miss the meandering of the boat through the Blue Bayou though and the drop has much to be desired. Yes, I realize the water table is higher in Florida than California. Little Man was a bit freaked out but not too bad.

We were finally by the castle and I thought I would check in to make sure on our reservation time for The Royal Table dinner. They actually had a spot open right then and we were able to stop what we were doing and get some dinner. The only problem with going right then was that Cinderella had gone on a quick break so we had to go back down and see her during the meal. To be able to have dinner 2 hours earlier than expected that was a minor inconvenience. I think this was one of my favorite meals of the entire trip. We got to eat in the castle, meet the princesses and have a delicious dinner. I had beef tenderloin and chocolate mousse. Bobby had fish...mahi mahi, maybe? Munchkin had Mac and Cheese and Little Man had chicken nuggets. They also got a build your own dessert which was ice cream or a cupcake. Bobby told me later that he knew it was an expensive dinner (it takes two dining credits per person) when they brought the kids swag. Munchkin got a wand, Little Man got a sword and they both got wishing stars.

At this point in the night I was already starting to walk funny. Remember way back in October I injured my leg so I have not done much walking since then. The leg was fine but by the end of the week Bobby and I both had blisters upon blisters all over our feet.

We did manage to get Big Thunder and Splash Mountain in, which the kids absolutely loved! We got to see a bit of the Electric Lights Parade and finally headed to the front of the park to leave. Getting out of the park was tricky.

Bobby cracked that this would be what the Zombie Apocalypse would look like. Once we finally got to our stop we didn't wait too long for a bus. Munchkin and I got a seat (she sat on my lap) while Bobby stood. Little Man stood for a bit and then sat down on Bobby's feet for the rest of the ride. Both kids zonked out on the way to the All Star Resort and went straight to sleep when we got back to our room. We were exhausted as well and knew that it was going to be an early morning for Day 3.

Next up...Animal Kingdom


  1. Can't wait for the next installment!

  2. Enjoying your posts! The mass exodus at the end of the night and hoping you can get a seat on the bus are the only thing that worry me when we went with the kids. Sounds like a good trip, though!