Happy Birthday Munchkin!

Wow!!! My sweet baby girl you are 9! Where on earth has the time gone? I remember grandma saying "Where did my 6 pound 2 oz baby go" and I would kind of roll my eyes. But now I get it! The time is flying. It was only yesterday you were a tiny baby.
You, my sweet girl, are passionate! You are very vocal in things you find offensive (like smoking in non smoking areas). You are constantly on the move...unless you are reading a book and then we can't get your nose out of it. You love to help out in the kitchen and even have come up with your own secret ingredient white sauce for spaghetti. We made that today for your party and all the kids that ate it loved it!

I am so proud of how well you did in school this year, straight A's all year! You excel at anything you try at and I hope that you will continue trying hard at all you do. You are so creative! You come up with all kinds of ideas for you and Little Man to do. The two of you play a game called J&K where you make up songs and put on plays. You are also in a band together in which you sing and Little Man plays guitar or drums.

For the most part you are so very sweet but you have your moments of crazy as well. Mostly when things do not go your way.
I love that when you see something you go for it. Right now you are saving money for a DS. You are so close and your attitude about helping out around the house to raise extra money has been amazing.

I am so proud of your decision to get baptized last month. It shows you are growing in the knowledge of Christ.
This years cake you chose after seeing it in Food Network Magazine. Only, you requested strawberry cake for part of it. You were pretty excited that you got to eat the extra licorice. :)
I love seeing you change and grow each and every year. You are so independent but still love for me to come to school for lunches. I will do that as long as you want me too.
My prayer for you over this next year is that you will continue to seek God, that you will be kind to your brother and try in any situation you are faced with. Daddy, Little Man and I love you so much and I am so blessed to be your mom! I love you Munchkin! Happy birthday!


  1. We are blessed to have you as our granddaughter, Munchkin. Happy Birthday and we love you very much.
    Grandma and Grandpa Brown


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