Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Schools Out For Summer!

 As I type I am listening to Alice Cooper sing about no more teachers dirty looks. :) I for one can't believe in just a couple of hours I will have a first grader and a fourth grader! The end of the year has dragged a bit mostly because of the extra snow makeup days. Munchkin mentioned she was a little nervous about 4th grade. She was trying to reassure Little Man. He really wants to stay in Kindergarten and I think it is because he is afraid that first grade will be too hard. I think Munchkin telling him that she gets a little nervous at the end of every year helped calm him a little bit.

I love these comparison pictures to see how the kids have changed through the year. Both of my babies have gotten taller. Munchkin got a new backpack halfway through the year because the blue one couldn't handle 3rd grade books. Little Man is reading at level 4 which is end of Kindergarten. Munchkin is reading past 5th grade level. If I could I would have her tested to see where she actually is on the reading scale. We did an Internet test that said she is reading at a 10th grade level.

Little Man got several new teeth this year and has gotten so much more independent.
I love these two kids so much and feel so blessed to be their mom!! :) Here is to an amazing summer!

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