Friday, June 24, 2011

If I Got to Choose....

There will come a day when my daughter is going to want to get married. Of course I don't get to choose but if I did I know several families with boys that I wouldn't mind arranging a marriage with. ;) We get along with the parents and know that the boys are being raised to be gentlemen and to know Jesus.
One of those families came to see Little Mans last baseball game a couple of weeks ago. Munchkin and their son get along really well and I got a photo that someone said will be in their wedding slideshow:

A couple of months ago Munchkin wanted to call her friend on the phone so they could discuss Lemony Snicket. We had gone to lunch after church a few days prior and they had talked about where they were in the Series of Unfortunate Events. Their phone call was so cute! It wasn't an "I am boy crazy and want to talk to a boy" conversation. It was a "we are reading the same thing and we can have an intelligent discussion about it" conversation. Obviously, I could only hear one end but my friend and I talked about it later and were amazed that the two of them had such an in depth conversation on the phone!

Anyway, I know I don't get to arrange a marriage or even a date but I hope that my sweet daughter will choose a well mannered, intelligent, creative, Jesus follower to marry some day! :)


  1. Hi Karen
    What if she would choose a person of the jewish faith?

  2. Hi Ela, well my choice (if I got to choose but I don't) would be for her to choose someone who follows Jesus. I know that there are those of the Jewish faith that follow Jesus as well. My hope is that I will love whoever she chooses. :)

  3. Hi Karen
    I hope for you and for her that she will choose someone that will nurture her, cherishes her, takes care of her, challenges her intellectually and that she will love back. I don't think the faith is really important.
    I hope that you will get to enjoy her and your grandchildren. They grow up so quickly...:)
    Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend