Monday, June 06, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Man!

How is it possible that you were born 7 years ago? I cannot believe how fast the time is flying by! You have accomplished so much in this last year and I am so proud of you! You pulled 1 stick the entire time you were in Kindergarten and that was for talking in PE. You ended Kindergarten reading on level 6. Level 4 is the end of Kindergarten. You love to add and to sing. You were so sweet in your end of the year program singing "I want to be a part of it! First Grade, First Grade!".

You are playing baseball and even though it is hard and you tell us often that you don't want to go you try hard. In your last game you hit the ball and got all the way to third base!
You love to go to church, love to play with your cars and love to bring your little Bible in for us to read to you. You love to pick out books at the library and read them to yourself. You love Star Wars and Blues Clues. One of your favorite songs is Lead Me to the Water Now by Salient. You also love Justin "Beaver" and insist that we are saying his name wrong. You have lost 8 teeth (four of those since the beginning of the school year).

You are starting to exert your independence and that irritates your big sister to no end! She does not like it when you do not want to play a game by her rules. You are becoming more and more independent. For instance, we were out at Qdoba (which you despise, or did, up until last week) and you just got up to go refill your drink. We have never had to tell you to ask before because you have never had any inclination to go refill your drink alone. So we are learning right along with you in where your boundaries are.

You still fall asleep in the car every time we drive anywhere farther than 10 minutes away. At least you are not too cranky when you wake up again. You are still my sweet mellow child and all you have to do to melt my heart is look up at me with those big blue eyes and say "I love you mommy!".

I pray that you continue to be the sweet loving boy that you are, that you will continue to grow into an even more independent boy and that you will love God and your family. I pray for your first grade year that you will grow in leaps and bounds in all that you will be learning and that you will love to learn. I love you little one!


  1. What a wonderful boy. happy b-day.

  2. We are so proud of Little Man and your post made us cry. Happy Birthday darling grandson.

  3. Same for us, your other grandparents. Karen, your writing is so pure and real, and Little Man you are a joy to us and you are always so happy. God has truly blessed us all.