Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Ball Field

Tonight we had 2 couples over for dinner. These are some sweet friends that we have known for at least the last 7 years who we do not get to see nearly enough. Little Man's last ball game was rescheduled for tonight because we have had so many rainouts. Our friends graciously said they would come for dinner anyway and then go to the ball game with us.

In the past we were part of a Dinner 8 group. 4 couples would get together and whoever was hosting would provide the main course. Everyone else brings the sides and dessert. Since we were hosting this time Baked Ziti was the main dish. Our sides were salad and garlic bread and dessert was chocolate oatmeal cookies with lemon glaze (yum!!). We ate a very speedy dinner and headed over to the ball park.

Now I have to say my one friend is not a fan of baseball anyway but is really not a fan of little league. You have heard my rants about parents who are insane and I totally get where she is coming from. So, I was really glad she agreed to come anyway.

Here is the funny part....our other friends that came brought their sweet baby girl. She just turned one on Sunday and is just so very very sweet. She was all smiley and happy and then all of a sudden she puked all over the bleachers, her mama and our friend that does not like baseball! Baby cried because all of us went "Oh Nooo!!!!" or "EEEWWWWW"! Apparently it was her first time throwing up and it was a doozie! It was also her first baseball game. Hopefully those two memories won't go hand in hand for the future. Munchkin and our friends son ran off to get paper towels to help clean the bleachers while mama and our other friend wiped the puke onto the ground.

Everyone took everything in stride and got everything cleaned up. Gotta love being a parent. You never know what will happen! It was definitely  memorable! And to make the evening complete, Little Man's team won their game!! :)

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  1. ewwwww. barf. Glad there wasn't a chain reaction!
    Way to go Ben!