Sunday, June 05, 2011

Death(Egg) Star Pinata

 I am trying to remember if my kids have had piñatas at all of their birthday parties. I don't think they have but we always like them. I know yesterday I was wondering if I was a geek but this might confirm it. Since I couldn't find a Death Star piñata I had to make one. Good thing Munchkin's girl scout troop made one a few weeks ago so I had a starting point in my mind.

 I used a punch balloon as a base and covered it in strips of newspaper. I mixed plain white glue with water, ran the newspaper strips through the glue and then wiped off all of the excess. (As a kid did you ever cover your hands in glue, wait for it to dry and then peel it off? This is an excellent opportunity for that little pass-time. :) )I did one layer of newspaper, let it dry and then did a second layer. I wanted it to be strong so each of the kids at the party will get at least one whack at it.
 I have a very specific memory of my mother making a piñata when I was in elementary school. I don't remember what the piñata was or even what color it turned out to be. I just remember it hanging in the laundry room in the basement of the house in Illinois and her covering it in newspaper. Help me out mom! Was that one for girl scouts too?

Once the newspapers dried I used a CD to mark the Superlaser Focus Lens, cut it out, flipped it over and reattached it with masking tape. I then took it outside for a coat of primer gray paint.
 At this point I realized the Death Star looked more like the Death Egg. Apparently the balloon shrunk or stretched or something.
 The next step was applying a strip of black duct tape for the Equatorial Trench. That was actually easier than I though it would be. I measured with a piece of string, placed the string along the duct tape and cut the tape to size.

Remember I mentioned yesterday my hubs and his attention to detail. I was worried that the Death(Egg) Star looked too much like the moon so he added some detailing with sidewalk chalk. :) Gotta love using supplies you have on hand.

To fill the Death Star I cut a small hole in the back near the top, filled and then closed the hole up with more masking tape. Little Man was pretty excited about the piñata and I can't wait for the kids to bust it open. I think we are going to use one of the light sabers we have on hand.


  1. Awesome job! You are still a geek...but aren't we all...I'll be covering my hands with glue and peeling it off in private tomorrow! Is there ANYONE who hasn't done that? I don't think so :)

  2. Love your idea for the crater - cut out circle then flip over - brilliant!
    Currently doing one for 7YO son but using a large chinese paper lantern lampshade - I'm just worried it'll be too strong and won't break!