Sunday, May 01, 2011

Funny Things My Son Says

Today my little guy is talking up a storm. He loves singing along to songs in the car. He likes playing baseball but does not love it. And, he comes up with funny things to say. We are still working hard on speech. He has a significant delay and it is still quite difficult to understand him. I do want to remember a couple of funny things he says.

  • He calls mushrooms marshmallows. He likes both mushrooms and marshmallows but we keep trying to correct him and he keeps mixing them up.
  • He says he is freezing if it is hot or if the wind is blowing.
  • He still mixes up breakfast, lunch and dinner. He will ask what we are having for dinner in the morning and what we are having for breakfast in the evening. 
  • He all of a sudden has saying "A little help here?"
  • He also has just started saying "DUH!!" to any very obvious statement. I am pretty sure he picked that one up from a girl at school.
Obviously we have some things to work on but he is getting there. I personally am hoping his speech comes together in the next year. Kindergarten was hard enough for him, not being understood by his classmates. I am hoping for first grade his classmates will understand him. And, I am hoping he will keep coming up with funny things for me to blog about.


  1. Oh what a cutie...mine thinks using the word poop is funny, which makes me a poopyhead.

  2. I like the picture on the post. It's good to write these things down. Some things you don't want to forget!