Entomology Class

 This morning Munchkin and I jumped out of bed to see if we could see some cicadas molting. I wasn't sure what we would find but her enthusiasm for actually being out of bed to hunt cicadas was contagious.
 This child loves dirt and mud, so I was not surprised that she wanted to hold the cicadas. She was so excited to see the three red dots on the newly hatched cicadas face. She learned about it in PE and can't wait to take a picture in to show her PE teacher.
 We finally found a cicada to watch come out of its hull. Munchkin really wanted to help it get out but I explained that it needed to do it itself because it needed to make its wings strong. She understood and was content to watch.
Sweet girl! I hope you are always curious and want to learn about new things!


  1. She's braver than me. I don't think I would pick up that thing!


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