Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can I Please Have a Do-Over?

My day in bullet format:

  • Woke up at 5 am to the worst storm our house has weathered over the last 10 years. We have had wind before and hail before but not like this. (Please know that I understand there are people out there with much bigger problems than us today this just happens to be my day)

  • While grabbing the kids out of bed I heard a thump. I discovered after looking out the window that an extremely large branch had fallen on my 2 year old car.

  • To make things even better we had no power.

  • Neither did the kids school but it was awards day and they powered though with battery powered audio equipment.

  • The kindergartners did an adorable song about going to first grade. Little Man got a Special Recognition award. We were thrilled for him as he has worked really hard this year.

  • First - Third grade awards were in the gym and I was glad to move from the cafeteria. With all of the parents it got quite stuffy.

  • Munchkin got 6 awards: Music, Art, Reading, Math, Poetry (her poem will be published so if you would like to order a book let me know soon) and Principals list (all A's, all year). Since the power was still out we checked the kids out of school early.

  • This allowed me to take Munchkin to the doctor to check on her ankle that has been hurting since Sunday night when she ran down the sidewalk in flip flops. It appears to be sprained and our doc suggested an ace bandage.

  • After the little piece of good news on the ankle we walked out to the car and my car was screwed. No really! There was a giant screw in the back right tire. I called Firestone and immediately drove my car over to get a patch. 

  • While we waited for the car we decided to get some GiGi's cupcakes. We walked over to the mall and found out that GiGi's no longer has a kiosk during the week. Boo!

  • At least the guy at Auntie Anne's was nice. He split a cup of pretzel bites for the kids and even gave each of them a cup for their icee.

  • Apparently, the tread was too low to patch the tire (there are 30,000 miles on them) so I purchased a new one.

  • Target was next on the list. From the parking lot I called to file a claim on the car. I haven't had to do something like that in 13 years. The last time was when I backed out of my driveway and a huge station wagon plowed into the side of my car. I had been waiting all day for the guy that has our policy to call me back. I finally called again and the receptionist told me who I actually needed to call.

  • The claims person was very helpful and got me all set up with everything I need to get my car fixed.

  • While in Target I checked my schedule on my phone and discovered that every date on my calendar had been erased. I am hoping it is just a sync issue otherwise I could have a bit of trouble keeping my dates straight.

  • I then checked my email and discovered that the Girl Scout Hobby Lobby paint class was at 5pm. Not 6pm. 15 miles away. I discovered this at 4:50pm. We made it by 5:15. Rush hour you know.

  • I am fairly certain at least 15 cicadas kamikazeed themselves on my windshield on the way to Hobby Lobby.

  • The paint class was fun and Munchkin painted a very colorful abstract guitar. I was very frustrated to see a girl grab the purple paint pen before Munchkin could get it. Munchkin had been waiting in line for it so I was pretty ticked. I was extremely tired and made sure to tell the girl to give it to Munchkin when she was done as she had cut in line. Yep, I told off an 8 year old. So proud of myself. I wasn't mean I just made sure she understood it was not ok to cut in line. 

  • She is happy, her mouth is just full of granola bar.
    • Munchkin and I ended the night with a trip to goodwill to pick up a couple of books. She found 2 that she was interested in.
    • Here is a question for you if you made it this far. Those copper bundt pans that you see as decoration, can you bake in those? I saw one at Goodwill for $1. It said 3 1/2 cups on the side but also had the hook for hanging. I didn't buy it as I didn't know if I could actually use it or not. 
    • I am home and will be crashing in my bed very soon.
    • Say a prayer for those hit hardest by all of these crazy storms!

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    1. what a rotten day! Hope you get some rest tonight and that the rest of your week goes smoothly.
      fyi, most copper pots are just for display. I think they have to be coated with something to make them usable.