Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Attack of the Cicadas

Every year since we moved to Tennessee we have been marking the summers by the arrival of Cicadas. We used to have 2 silver maples and the sound of the cicadas was something we really had to get used to.

A few years ago someone said "Oh no! It is the 7 year plague of the cicadas". It didn't really seem like there were that many more than normal. This year is the 13 year brood of cicadas. Anderson Design Group has come up with some merchandise to commemorate the attack of the cicadas. Go check them out, I'll wait...Ok, you are back! :)

Not only can you get merchandise you can go on Facebook and find a group that tells you how to find the cicadas for eating. If you really want a recipe you can click here.

Little Man captured one the other day when my neighbors we all out helping us with some bushes. He was intent on seeing it emerge from it's shell however I had to tell him today that it died. :( He wasn't too broken up about it though. We went out to look for some of the other shells.

After school we went on a hunt in our backyard. There are quite a few shells on our foundation, a few on the play structure and a bunch on the willow tree. The thing that surprised me though was how many were attached to the willow leaves. Every year there are quite a few attached to the underside of our deck but there don't seem to be any under there this year. Munchkin was thrilled to find several holes that she is convinced the cicadas climbed out of. She stuck a stick way down in one to see how far it went. I think it was about 12 inches deep.

I am wondering if we will have a bunch more over the next few days. I guess we will see. :) Ugh and the mosquitoes are back. *sigh* my poor sweet daughter and my poor husband will be eaten alive by the end of the summer.

If I can snap some photos of the actual cicadas I will post those too! :)

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  1. Our yard is so covered in cicadas and their shells that I got grossed out today. I was fine yesterday and we were even walking around the yard knocking them down but today it was too much for me. blech!