Monday, April 18, 2011

Spam and Anchovies - Thai Night

 This months Spam and Anchovies cooking club was hosted by Kenna. We actually had it at Melissa's house as Kenna is in the process of closing on a house! :) She told us some fun stories about picking up the ingredients for dinner. She actually went to a Thai market to pick everything up and was very impressed by the customer service and how helpful the store owners were in getting her the right ingredients. Kenna even brought each of us a bottle of fish sauce (one of the ingredients is anchovies so it fits out title!) that was recommended at the market.
 The first dish we made was Tom Kha Kai Soup. I was a little nervous about this as I made a coconut milk based soup a little while back and it was too rich. However, this was fantastic!
 The two different types of mangoes were cut up for dessert. There was a big difference in taste. I preferred the yellow mangoes. :)
 This is the lovely centerpiece that includes the Kaffir Lime Leaves that were picked especially for Kenna!
 I had never had Pad Thai before and was again a little nervous about it. I love to go out and eat Thai food but always get the same thing. This was so good! I am not a big fan of spaghetti or pasta in general but the rice noodles were a different story. The lime and cilantro just gave the dish the most delicious finishing touch.
Last but not least we had this fantastic mango and sticky rice dessert. As a former Pampered Chef pusher I have a rice microcooker. My rice usually turns out perfectly. We didn't have a rice cooker on hand though so I was afraid I was going to really screw up the rice. It turned out really good though. The sauce was supposed to be white but we used brown sugar instead of white. The texture, the taste, the sweet and the sauciness of this dessert was a perfect end to our meal!

Once thing I love about the cooking club is trying things I would never try on my own. I also love the time I get to spend with other women just having a delicious dinner and having good conversation! If you don't have a group like this you should definitely start one or join one! :)

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