Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nashville Speedway

 On Saturday, the day before Easter the Nascar Nationwide Series race was at the Nashville Speedway. They had an Easter egg hunt on the pavilion several hours before the race began. I had to walk away and let hubs make sure the kids got out to hunt eggs ok. When things are a little unorganized it makes my stomach hurt.

They got the 0-5 year old kids out on the field and made them stand there for another 10 minutes before letting them actually pick up eggs. I am not sure if you have met any 0-5 year old children lately but they are not the most patient little humans on the planet. They did surprisingly well for how long they had to wait. The guy that had the mic told us to wave at the camera and shout. He counted to 3 and the kids were off. It took him a good 10 more seconds before he realized the 0-5 year olds were almost done picking up eggs. :)
 Once they managed to get all of the little little kids off the field our age group was ready to go. Munchkin is an expert egg hunter at this point and Little Man is starting to be able to hold his own. Munchkin got quite a few more eggs than Little Man but was happy to share extras with her brother. She did it so selflessly it made me proud!
 Hubs took the eggs back to the car and picked up our cooler, sunscreen and all of our hats. He met us back by all of the vendors where we were having a good time picking up swag. The Buzz radio station was on hand with a Plinko like game. Munchkin won a coupon to Hardees. Little Man won a Buzz sticker and I won a CD. One of our favorite activities was shooting in the Army tent. Munchkin helped out by holding the curtain closed while one of the guys went over for a push up contest. Because she was such a good helper he gave Munchkin an Army water bottle. After shooting she was awarded a notebook and pen that she later used to "live blog" the race.
 Little Man was thrilled to see race cars up close and personal. By the time we got to the actual race though he was exhausted. I am pretty sure he slept though the first 14 laps of the race. We were in the family section which means there was not drinking or smoking. Of course a bunch of college students came up and sat next to us. I don't know if someone complained or if the employees at the track just have good radar but they came up and asked them to move. They weer very nice but I am glad my kids, hubs and I didn't have to breather their second hand smoke.
 The race was pretty close....Kyle Busch is a really good, if somewhat controversial, driver. Karl Edwards was driving the 60 car. That car was just fast all day long. It was exciting to see Karl Edwards do his signature backflip off the car.

The race was fun, the kids had a great time, the parking was free and the kids got to hunt for Easter eggs. What more could we ask for?

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  1. sounds like everyone had a great time that day. Cute kiddos.