Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It Was A Dark and Stormy....

Month? The rain just keeps coming! Spring is always rainy in Tennessee but this season has been worse than normal. There have been many beautiful days but it seems that we are having more than our fair share of severe storms this year.

Of course, I wonder if it seems like there are more storms because of the news coverage. I appreciate the Tornado warnings and such. However, the constant coverage seems to perpetuate fear. At this point every time I hear thunder I jump...and we have not been that affected by the storms. I used to love a good thunderstorm.

The year my son was born I remember diving to Sams club (I wasn't supposed to be as it was not long after an emergency C-section) in pouring rain. Not only was it pouring there were lightening strikes every few minutes. There were tons of people out running around and it didn't stop anyone. Today I had to get dog food so I ran out with my kids to Target. It was a break in the storm and it was raining. We were practically the only people in the store.

It was nice to get in and out very quickly but a little creepy. We have had the TV on all day watching the coverage. I really think I just need to turn it off. But, with morbid curiosity I keep it turned on to see the trees and fences that have been knocked down and to see what has flooded so far. I am praying there are no homes or businesses flooded this year. That was terrible last year.

This is the thing that bugs me about the coverage "Lots of colorful radar left to see but no warnings to speak of." If there are no warnings please stop with the coverage. I shouldn't complain, I know the coverage is helpful I am just tired of hearing it.

How about you? Do you think the coverage of storms (unless giving specific information about storms that could kill you) is a bit excessive?

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  1. i feel the same way! I'm in Bowling Green, KY and our weather always seems in sync w/the nashville area. I'm just so over all of this. My husband and I won't even use our weather radio b/c it'll keep us up all night w/thunderstorm watches or warnings--we'd rather just risk a tornado and get some sleep (or try at least). I'm also hoping we don't have the crazy flooding like last year. I drove by a nearby dam today and the water was so high!