Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

First and foremost Good Friday is a day that our family remembers the sacrifice God made by sending his Son to die on the cross. For that I am thankful and believe that I will be with Christ when I die.

I am also thankful for the day off to spend with my family though much of our time has not been spent reflecting on the blood of Jesus. However, this afternoon we will be reflecting much more. Our neighbor passed away this week and today is his funeral. It has given us a chance to talk to our children about eternity and what we believe happens when we die. Our neighbor was 82. He lived a very full life but has been pretty sick for the last few years. We have lived here 10 years and he has kind of been a surrogate grandfather to our kiddos. He loved to have them come over and climb on his wall and just talk to him. He has been a fixture in our lives since we had children and he will be missed.

Munchkin made brownies this morning to take over to the family. I think it made her feel a little bit better to be able to do something. She, especially, took our neighbors death very hard. He is the first person she has really known that passed away so she is dealing with it in her own way. She cried immediately, and she is not one to cry very often unless she is angry or frustrated. I am glad that she could cry though and let out some of the anguish I know she was feeling.

Little Man does not quite understand yet. While we were at the visitation he was looking a a group of elderly people and asked which one of them died. We tried to get out of there as quick as we could. He then asked if  the statue was the one who died. He cried later in the evening and said his heart hurt. I think he is starting to understand and I am glad he could cry as well.

Facing the death of a neighbor and friend reminds me of our own frailty as humans and that we are only here for a moment. It makes me glad that I am sure of what I believe and why and that I am sure of the blood of Jesus and his forgiveness.

I hope you will take this Good Friday and spend some time reflecting on Jesus and the sacrifice that was made for us so we could spend eternity with God.


  1. I have had to attend many funerals lately and it does make you ponder on life and death. God is so good and knowing I will be with him someday in paradise is more then I could ever ask for!
    Sorry for the passing of your friend.

  2. I'm so sorry about Mr. Bill. I'm thankful that my grandkids have such loving parents and that they have such tender hearts.