Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eggs 2011

 One of my favorite traditions each year is decorating Easter eggs. The kids love it as well. For some reason we ended up with quite a few cracked ones this time. Oh, well. I guess we will just have colorful deviled eggs and egg salad! :) After attending a funeral earlier in the day is was nice to have an activity to distract us.
 Little Man liked decorating the eggs but didn't really want to be in pictures today.
 Munchkin was quite intent on drawing a a rabbit jumping rope. :)
 We had 10 eggs without cracks but I am pretty sure there were more by the end of the dying process. :)
Oh yeah, so my daughter was telling my son that she thought they would get Webkinz in their Easter baskets since they always get one (they don't). I said don't be so sure you are going to get one. To which she replied "Why? are you the Easter Bunny?" I asked why she asked that and she said "Well you said not to be so sure about the Webkinz". So I avoided the question a little more...mostly because Little Man was sitting right there. We'll see how that all pans out soon. :)

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