Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Crazy Weather

You can always tell it is spring when the weather gets crazy and the brown recluse spiders come out. Yesterday was a doozy of a weather day. About the time I was supposed to go pick the kids up from school the tornado sirens started going off. I figured I had enough time to get to the school and get inside before the storm actually hit. I was right. About 5 minutes after I got in the building I could see the rain going sideways out one of the windows. Outside another door water was just pouring off of the roof.

The kids were all in their duck and cover position and were so quiet. Later Munchkin told me that they held that for awhile and then were able to sit up but still face the wall so they could be prepared if they needed to get back down. She said at this point she started to get a little worried...mostly because they had said it was a drill but she knew it was the real thing. When they let the kids turn around and whisper to their friends she relaxed a bit.

When we got home my neighbor called me over to her porch so I could see the willow limb that had attached itself to our roof. I managed to climb out the window and release the vines which dropped the limb onto the play structure. It is still attached to the tree and it is not a huge limb but it could have caused some damage had it actually fallen from the tree.
A store not too far from us lost its roof and there were several very large trees down in the neighborhood. This is the second major storm in our area in the last month. I am wondering what the rest of tornado season holds in store for us.

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