Saturday, February 26, 2011

{TWD} Chocolate Oatmeal Drops

 Well, it is about time! I have been sick or injured for the last few months, or have had a sick kiddo and have not felt like baking or cooking. But, I feel like I may be getting my baking mojo back!

Thursday I had a week 5 class to teach. I always take something in that I have baked and needed something quick. So, I baked another Swedish Visiting Cake.
 Once my class was over though I ran and picked up my kiddos from school, ran home and whipped up these chocolate Oatmeal Drops and ran back to work to teach another class. Hubs walked in not long after these came out of the oven and asked if they were "corn poop cookies". Yes sometimes he is a 12 year old. And I love him even more for it. Because, if you can't be silly with your hubs of 13 years who can you be silly with?
 These were super easy to throw together and they didn't require vanilla, which I was still out of. My students loved these and so did my kiddos. The are rich and chocolaty and have a hint of cinnamon in them. If you would like the recipe make sure to visit Caroline and Clair at Bake with Us.  Check back next week for Chocolate Pots De Creme! :)


  1. pass the corn poop cookies please!

  2. I want to eat at your house!