Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow

Feb 2003 there was a snow storm predicted. In the morning there was no snow and there were kids at schools in the area stuck at school until 7 or 8pm because of the onset of snow. This year they heeded the warning and let school out 2 hours early. The snow started around 3 pm and is still coming down. We got about 3 inches at our house.

The dog escaped, the kid chased the dog, the dog made yellow snow and then came back home.

Tonight we had a friend of a friend get stuck about 10 minutes from our house. Bobby put the chains on our car (that we have had since before we got married 13 years ago) that we have used only one other time, and rescued said friend of a friend. He is a really nice guy and gets to sleep in the bed with the Star Wars comforter. :) He is from across the pond and my daughter immediately made fun of him. She wasn't intending to but I didn't tell her he had an accent so she thought he said his name was pizza. Kill me now....

We are now just hanging out watching the news and staying warm. :) Stay safe out there!


  1. I'm totally giggling! Don't worry, there are adults that ask him if he said Pizza all the time. No need to be mortified! :) Thanks again!

  2. I know nothing about the joys or perils of snow, but I love your photo. Stay warm!