Thursday, February 17, 2011

Donut Man

Hubs and I went to Azusa Pacific University in California. My freshman year I lived in Adams Hall and  I remember vividly my first trip to Donut Man. My resident advisor piled me and my roommates and our neighbors into her car and hauled us out in the middle of the night. You would think a tiny donut shop on the side the road might be insignificant but it became the source of many fun memories. When I was a Student Orientation Leader hubs (boyfriend at the time) and I piled my little group into the back of his blue Volvo station wagon and dragged them to Donut Man in the middle of the night. When I saw a blurb about Donut Man in Food Network magazine I was so excited. My little donut shop seemed to have hit the big time. (It is kind of the same feeling I get when I see Ryan Seacrest on American Idol. We used to listen to him on Star 98.7 in SoCal and it's like a little piece of him belongs to me. That might seem weird but I wonder how many others in SoCal feel the same way. He was ours before he was America's.)

One of the donuts they are famous for (aside from the Tiger Tails that hubs loves) are Strawberry Donuts. Just think about sinking your teeth into sweet, fresh, ripe California strawberries along with a delicious Donut Man donut. It is one of my favorite desserts ever!

In that vein, you have to understand that I have been seeing updates on Facebook for a couple of weeks about Strawberry Donuts!

On Friday hubs said there might be a package at the house but he wanted me to wait to open it until he got home. The package was from my brother in law and I thought maybe it was Sees candy. How surprised do you think I was when I opened that box and there was a container with several Strawberry Donuts and a couple of Tiger Tails!!!!! I was beside myself! That was the sweetest, most thoughtful gift my sweet hubby could have gotten me. Not only did he understand that I love the donuts and had been seeing updates about them, but that they hold sentimental memories for me as well. It has been really cold here the last few weeks so these donuts were a taste of California sunshine in the midst of winter.
Thank you to my hubby for making my Valentine's weekend very special. And, thank you to my brother in law and sister in law who shipped them to me. :) I appreciate your part in making my weekend special! :)


  1. What a nice family! Wow Sees candy would have made me happy..but donuts..even better! And especially from the donut shop you have tucked away in your memories! Im glad you got to enjoy them again!!

  2. What a sweet hubby and brother-in-law and sister-in-law you have. I'm glad you had a happy day.

  3. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Wow! The donut looks a lot different that what I was expecting. Those are really fresh looking strawberries!

  4. A visit to the Donut Man shop was always on my bucketlist especially after an article I read describing how the owner made an enormous amount of his famous strawberry donuts for a CalTech event and vowing never to do it again it was tons of work. Now that I live in the Southeast, I really crave fresh California donuts. Love the post!

  5. Oops, I meant fresh california well as donut man's famous strawberry donuts in season of course!

  6. That's awesome! So glad you got to enjoy some Donut Man sweetness. I swear Donut Man is where I gained my "freshman 15" so I completely understand your "sweet" memories! :)