Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cone Head

This is Bean. Bean is almost 13 years old. Hubs and I got her when we got permission from our landlord to be able to have a cat. She was the runt of the litter and I got her for free in front of Vons grocery store. She was so tiny she fit in my extra tiny purse. When we moved across the country, she moved with us. I am not sure how neurotic she was before the move but she got a little crazier after the move.

Bean is an indoor only cat and has had an allergy that has popped up over the last few years. Every fall she gets really itchy and scratches out her hair around her tail. We take her in and get a steroid shot and she gets better. A couple of days ago I noticed a red spot on her leg. I had to figure out when I could get her to the vet and today was the winner. The hot spot had gotten a lot worse and another one appeared on her other front leg.

When we left the vet poor Bean was hooked up with shaved legs, 2 shots, an antibiotic powder covering her legs, a flea med to put on tonight, a medicated shampoo and a lotion to put on each day. She is not happy right now. She tried to climb the stairs but got stuck. She can't get in any of her normal hiding spots and will have to get used to eating and drinking with the cone. It is pretty much the saddest thing I have seen in my house in quite awhile. Even with all of the stuff we had to bring home I am thankful that it is a hot spot and that there is a treatment for it. I am glad we were bringing her home tonight and not with news of something dreadfully wrong with her. The vet said you could tell she is an older kitty because she has some plaque on her teeth but her heart and lungs sound great and she is otherwise healthy. I was glad to hear that. I am not ready for life without Bean yet.


  1. Poor Bean. Old age takes away dignity no matter what the species, huh? :)