Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthdays, Birthdays

Are you a big birthday party planner? I love birthdays and everything about them. Each year we have tried to do something special for the kids. This post is just basically a list so I can remember what we did each year. I do not see posts on each of them in my archives and I want to remember them.
1: Duck party at our house. We had lots of friends from church and their little ones. Made a duck cake.
2: Small party with Grandma and Papa at Chuck E Cheese. Little Man had just been born so we kept it small. Got the cake at Chuck E Cheese
3: Princess party at the Pampered Palace. Made a My Little Pony Cake.
4: Got her ears pierced/ Combined party with Little Man at The Bounce Factory. Got a Madagascar Cupcake Cake from Publix.
5: Build a Bear Workshop. Got a Build A Bear cake from Publix.
6: Come as your favorite character. Made 3 different kinds of cupcakes.
7: Chuck E Cheese. Made a checkerboard Webkinz Wheel of Wow Cake.
8: WipeOut/Sleepover. Made a 3 layer obstacle Course Cake.

Little Man
1: Spiderman. Got a Spiderman Cake from Publix.
2: Combined party with Munchkin at The Bounce Factory (Madagascar theme) Cupcake Cake
3: Shrek the Third. Shrek the Third Cake from Publix.
4: ChickFilA. Speed Racer Cake from Publix.
5: Spiderman at the park. Cake from Publix.
6: Minute to Win It. Made a clock cake.

A few I made cakes for and a few I got cakes from Publix. Each one has been special though. :)


  1. Speaking of birthdays, today is Grandpa Foust's 81st.

  2. I commented on his facebook way before you did!

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