Saturday, February 05, 2011

Big Football Game XLV - Cupcakes

 As you very well know (unless you live under a rock) tomorrow is the biggest NFL game of the year. I am conflicted about who to root for as I have good friends who are serious fans of each team. I lived just outside of Wisconsin when I was a little girl (which by the way, the photos I am seeing on the news of snow in Chicago is how I remember Zion, Ill.) and I am not sure if our friends that live there would forgive me for cheering for the Steelers.
 Of course, our drummer recently moved back to Pittsburgh so I may have to cheer for them. But who knows, I am not a huge football fan so I really don't care which team wins. My children want Green Bay to win because their logo is the same shape as Georgia. They even cut out several Green Bay logos and taped them on the wall above the TV (for those of you that are Steelers fans, coming to our house tomorrow my kids might make make fun of you).

Silly kids. My favorite part of the Superbowl is seeing all of the commercials. I typically hate commercials but I love how creative companies can get. It irritates me though when a company pays that amount of money to run their lame commercial that has been playing for months. The other part of the Superbowl I love is the part where we get to hang out with friends.

Since we are having friends over tomorrow I have been a basket case trying to get things cleaned up. I am in a constant state of CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) so I get to about 11 PM the night before people come over and wonder why I am doing this to myself again but it is all worth it when we get to open our home and share it with others.

In preparation for tomorrows big day I made  the cupcakes above. I just used a basic Chocolate Cupcake recipe and a basic Vanilla Cupcake recipe. The frosting is a basic buttercream tinted with yellow food coloring. My sweet husband make a stencil for me for the Green Bay cupcakes. I think they turned out pretty well. He has been a busy guy today too! He installed a bathroom door, installed curtain rods and drew a picture of Chris Johnson  (yes I realize he is on the Titans but he is Little Mans favorite player) for the kids to play pin the football on the player. I will post a photo of that gem when it is completely finished. :)

After church tomorrow I am making Pigs in a Blanket and 2 kinds of chili. I think it will be a really fun day and can't wait to spend it with my family and friends. :) Have a great day!


  1. Meh. You made cupcakes for both teams, so I think your fine!

  2. Your cupcakes with the stencil are fab! I am hopeless at using a stencil, so I admire your neat clean "Gs" very much.

  3. Thanks ladies! :) They were fun to make. Once I turned the stencil upside down onto a plate of sugar I was able to press the cupcake onto it and get a good G. Of course these are the best two out of the dozen. :)

  4. Hellllooo, Huge Steelers Fan. Have two terrible towels and will be waving them wildly today. The cupcake look great. Now I know I have to make some. :-)