Monday, January 31, 2011

Spam and Anchovies Cooking Club

A few months ago my friend Melissa (Purpose and Perfection) asked a few ladies to get together to form a cooking club. This weekend was the third meeting of Spam and Anchovies. We thought about naming the club Truffles and Tidbits but one of the girls thought it sounded dirty. Spam and Anchovies was born. :)

This month we were hosted by the lovely Vanessa (Crayons in my coffee). She is hilarious and such a good friend. She has a daughter that says and does the funniest things. Make sure to check out her blog to keep up with the happenings in her neck of the woods.
When a person hosts it is their responsibility to select a menu. Everyone brings ingredients and we prepare the meal together, drink some wine and have some good conversation. This months menu was an Asian inspired affair.
While I prepped the egg drop soup, Melissa shredded cabbage for the egg rolls, and Kenna moistened the spring roll wrappers for the egg rolls.
 The recipes came from several different websites so it was really handy to have the laptop open to see them. We were even able to look up a tutorial on the spring roll wrappers to see exactly what we needed to do.
 Erin (One Particular Kitchen) prepped the chicken by cutting it into bite size pieces and then shaking it up with some cornstarch. This was then coated in egg and then browned before being put in the oven with sweet chili sauce.
 So far, this has been such a fun cooking club. Everyone cooperates so well in the kitchen and everything comes out fantastically. These were the good looking egg rolls. There were a few others that stuck a bit. We did leave out mushrooms and I was glad. I would have eaten them anyway. :)
 The egg drop soup turned out perfectly. I did discover that I am not a huge fan of egg drop soup but it was tasty. The texture was just off a bit for me. Melissa finished up the soup and managed to make it look like it came from a restaurant.
 On the stove we have Sweet and Spicy and Sour chicken, rice and egg drop soup. I am pretty sure everyone went back for seconds on everything.
Last but not least, Vanessa whipped up some green tea ice cream for all of us earlier in the day. It was very refreshing but one of the ladies said she couldn't get past it looking like Wasabi. :) Another comment was that it looked like pistachio ice cream.
 It is so fun to hang out with a bunch of other ladies, make a delicious meal and have some stimulating adult conversation. I get to host next time and I think we will have a southern meal. Now off to look for some recipes. :)


  1. Thanks for posting this, Karen! Love the pictures but even more than that, I love spending time with everyone and having a meal at which I can stay seated the whole time!

  2. The dishes look great! Looks like that a pretty fun group. Great post!

  3. The dishes look great! Looks like that a pretty fun group. Great post!

  4. This sounds like a great idea - unfortunately I don't have anyone to form such a group with, as none of my girl-friends even own cake tins!