Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011 Day 3 ;)

 So, you might have heard there is some snow in Tennessee these days. It cracks me up every year when it is the end of the world that we got snow. It seems like this is not even as much as we got last year as the kids were able to sled down our street. They couldn't do that this year. However, it is the third day in a row that we have had the fluffy stuff falling out of the sky and sticking to the ground.
 Because here in Tennessee the snow accumulates and then melts and then refreezes we tend to have an icy mess on our hands the second day of snow. This means that we are on day three of snow days. Day one was spent sledding, sipping hot chocolate and playing games at home.
I teach at a local college and school for me was not called off on day 2. So, day 2 was spent with me driving 30 miles to work while the kids went to work with hubs. They spent their day reading books and playing quietly with the toys they took with them. The highlight though was eating in the company cafeteria. They LOVED that! Once we got home there was more playing outside and building snowmen and more hot chocolate. I made the hot chocolate with milk and leftover hershey kisses from Christmas. Munchkin drank hers and then Little Mans as well. :)
This is not our dog by the way. It was a random dog at the sledding hill we go to. Today is day three of snow days and I had grand plans. We were going to go to the library, watch a movie, clean the office and do some laundry. That may all still get done....if I get out of my PJ's....
 The kids have already skyped with our friends in Georgia, Munchkin went out and built another snowman and now they are playing Star Wars on the computer. It could be worse. :) It has been funny reading status updates on Facebook this morning. There are quite a few people who are ready for a padded room. I suppose not being able to get out will do that to you. I have really enjoyed these three days but there are moments when I want to pull my hair out....fighting amongst siblings comes to mind. For the most part though the kids have been really good and haven't needed me to entertain them every second.
 I suppose I should get dressed and take the kids to the library. I don't think any of my books that I requested at the library have come in yet. Hopefully they will come in soon so I can pick them up. Both kids do need more books though so off we go....really..I'm moving.....

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  1. We're on day 3 here in Atlanta, too, but very little is open here (don't think the libraries are, but I've not been checking...) and our roads are super icy. It sounds like you all are having fun with it, so enjoy! It will melt sooner rather than later, right?