Monday, January 10, 2011

Salient and Investigation Discovery

If you get the channel Investigation Discovery you can watch the brand new show Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets. Salient's song "I Remember" will be used on the show tonight. It will air TONIGHT (Monday 1/10) at 10pm Eastern and re-airs at 1am Eastern on Tuesday 1/11.

Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets is a true crime show where the murder is told in first person by the victim. The victim is all knowing but never reveals the killer. Instead, viewers must piece together the who-dunnit based on clues from investigators and family/friends.

Daddy's Princess Air Date: Monday, January 10th
Ali Kemp, a beautiful 19-year-old college student with a bright future, returns home for the summer to work at the local swimming pool. But one afternoon when Ali is nowhere to be found, her father makes a gruesome discovery; Ali's body in the pool pump room — she'd been brutally beaten to death. With her killer on the loose, investigators launch an intense investigation. But despite DNA evidence and a reliable witness, police search without success for three years. Then refusing to give up, Ali's father comes up with an idea that leads to her killer's arrest.

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