Saturday, January 22, 2011

Adoption Rocks, Clothes and Cooks

Every where I turn I have friends adopting. Some are adopting internationally and some domestically and all have amazing stories to share. It is very expensive and an extensive process to go through. Check out some of the stories on these blogs and some of the ways they are raising money :

Sarah and Jason: They have t shirts for sale on their site and are so close to bringing their twin baby girls home.

Brea and Jonathan: They adopted domestically and she is a great resource if that is where your heart is. :)

Toni and Scott: They have had their babies home from Ethiopia for 3 months. They have a Penny Jar project and T-shirts.

Jesse and Marisa: They are also adopting from Ethiopia. They have Adoption Rocks T-shirts and had tote bags as well. In the midst of the process they are also planting a church in Seattle!

Brandon and Leslie: They are adopting from Korea. They have 1lessorphan t-shirts and they also have cookbooks. They are drawing at 10 pm tonight for a cookbook. Go check out their site and give some comment love!

It is amazing to me the selfless love each of these families is showing by going through the adoption process and bringing home these sweet babies. Go check each one out to follow their stories!


  1. Thanks for posting these wonderful links.
    ADoptive mom of two boys :)

  2. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Aw thanks Karen!!! :)