Saturday, May 29, 2010

Busy Bee

So often I read blogs that are apologizing for not writing in so long....and you should be apologizing because I must know what is happening in your life! :) I hope those of you that know me in person can hear the kidding in my tone as I sit down to write a post saying I am sorry for not writing in so long. Going back through my posts I see that I have pretty much combined my last few Tuesdays with Dorie posts and have written very little else. There have been many changes, one of which is my new Droid Eris...LOVE IT! However, I get facebook updates (sorry about my lack of response there too folkie polkies, I can't search for people or see many updates on my app.) email updates and play games on there while waiting in line at the grocery store, so I am not really AT my computer where I can upload purty pictures or post witty blog posts. Right now I really should be cleaning my living room but I just got done scrubbing mold out of a stoneware pan (got left in the fridge with leftovers...ew) so I needed a break. Enough with the apologizing and on to fun stuff:

Thursday was the kids last day of school for the year. After all of the snow days and the week off for flooding I feel like it won't be difficult to get into a routine for the summer.

My children, I have discovered, can be bribed with silly bandz. They unloaded the dishwasher with super happy attitudes and no fighting in the pursuit of a plastic shaped band. The even offered to clean something else to earn another one. I sent them to straighten the entryway which included matching all of the shoes and getting them on the shelf, picking up random books and papers that came home the last day of school, and sweeping up the dog hair. I thought surely there would be arguing and fighting but I was wrong. They did an excellent job and earned another silly band! Ama-za-zing!!!

Let's see, funny stories....
Munchkin yelled at the TV "I demand a recount!!" when she heard who won American Idol. I have no idea where she heard that but we thought it was hilarious. In case you didn't know it was not Crystal whatserface it was the brown hair guy. I was teaching most American Idol nights so I didn't really keep up with it this year.

Another Munchkin story: While we were in the car one day she was playing wordup! on my phone. It is like boggle if you have ever played that game. Anyway, she wanted to know what sod meant and I told her it was a grass cover. She was able to read the definition and read it out loud. Apparently it is also short for and  British slang for that one town and Gomorrah....yeah, did not expect my seven year old to read a definition for that.

Little Man can sleep anywhere. The latest place was curled up in a ball in the grass a the drive in movie theater. We picked him up and put him in the trunk (I have a hatchback) while we stayed for the second movie. Yes, we put him in his carseat before we left to go home. :)

I am very excited to be home with my kiddos for the summer. We have lots of library trips, zoo trips and possible swim trips planned before heading back to school in the fall.

Hopefully I will get some picture edited and posted tomorrow of the kids last day of school.
And I promise to write more often for the 3 of you that follow my blog... (there are 20 but 3 sounds more pitiful!) :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

{TWD} Banana Coconut Ice Cream Pie..and Apple Apple Bread Pudding

In the last few days the temperatures here in Tennessee have shot through the roof....I suppose they are not that high but I am such a wimp when it comes to humidity that it seems hotter than it is.  All that to say that it was a perfect day to make Banana Coconut Ice Cream Pie. Thank you to Spike from spikebakes for choosing this weeks refreshing, tropical, ice cream recipe. :) Check out the blogroll at the Tuesday with Dorie site to see how other bakers fared this week.

This was a simple recipe to put together. The most difficult thing about it was browning the coconut for the crust. It seemed to take forever for my coconut to turn golden brown and I was afraid to leave it for even a second in case it decided to turn black instead of golden brown as soon as I turned my back! The recipe called for store bought cookies, store bought ice cream and bananas.

My daughter picked the bananas off the top, ate the ice cream and left the crust. She loves so many random things but bananas and coconut are not on the list. Little man completely passes on this dessert which really surprised me because he would eat bread and sugar elusively if left to his own devices. My hubby loved it. He said it was like Banana Cream Pie...kinda. I loved the crust but could do without the bananas as well. I did leave out the rum as I didn't have any on hand and a trip to the liquor store wasn't part of the plan for the day. It would probably kick up the taste a bit. Anyway, this was a refreshing, tasty dessert for a hot day!

Last weeks recipe was Apple Apple Bread Pudding. I made this for my class 2 weeks ago but didn't manage to actually post anything on it. I posted the pics on facebook but not on my blog. Thank you to Elizabeth of Cake or Death for choosing Apple Apple Bread Pudding. My husband did not even give this a second glance but it got the seal of approval from my "I don't eat cooked fruit, Mommy!" daughter. She even asked for a second piece. My class loved it and took some of it home with them.  I actually thought about passing on this recipe as I am not a a big fan of bread pudding. There is a restaurant in town that makes white chocolate bread pudding that people rave over. I am still not a fan but I am glad I made this bread pudding. I definitely will not be afraid to make it again!

Friday, May 14, 2010

{TWD} Quick Classic Berry Tart

I am late again on posting for TWD but I actually made this last week for my Research class. They loved these little tarts and ate them all up. I did leave one for each of my kiddos and one for my hubby so they didn't feel like I only make treats for other people.

As I sit here there are more flash flood

Thank you to Cristine of Cooking with Cristine for choosing this weeks fairly simple and delicious recipe.  I happened to have strawberries and needed a dessert for my students so mini tarts were perfect. My students loved this and asked for the recipe.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

{TWD} Burnt Sugar Ice Cream

Also known as homemade Haggen Daaz Dulche De Leche. Hello, Delicious!!!

It has been quite crazy around here the last few days. We are fortunate in these crazy floods. We have water in our crawl space and our basement is kind of wet but we are safe. We have neighbors across the divided highway though that are not so fortunate. The neighborhood across from us in completely under water and we know people that have lost everything including one of my students. Even with all the loss it seems that people are calm and taking it all in stride. I read this post this morning and it brought me to tears. I think it sums up so much about what Nashville and Tennessee are about.

Yesterday while I was making the custard for the ice cream, Bobby was in the backyard checking on the crawl space. All of a sudden I heard a horrendous whoop from the back and knew that he had injured himself. I turned off the stove and ran out the back door. He came running and was yelling that he stepped on a nail and it was bleeding bad! I made him lay down on the floor in the kitchen, ripped off his shoe and sock and grabbed some paper towels to stop the bleeding, got a small bowl of water and cleaned the wound the best I could. While I made him lay on the floor in the kitchen I finished cooking the custard (just a couple more minutes) and took the mac and cheese out of the oven I was cooking for a new mom.

We decided we would try to get to an urgent care center about 20 minutes from us. That is where I went when I stepped on a nail with each foot a couple of years ago. It took us 45 minutes to get 5 miles from our house because the main road we needed to take was completely under water. I saw a fish jump on the driving range.... There is a horse farm on that road along with several brand new restaurants that are completely devastated. We discovered another urgent care center near the interstate though that was miraculously not busy. We were there less time than it took us to get there. Our trip home took us on another route that was much faster. Bobby is OK but his foot is really not looking good. We think the nail he stepped on may have gone almost all the way through his foot, may have hit a tendon and it is still bleeding a bit. His big toe is swollen and there is bruising on the top of his foot now.

All of that to say, our time out of the house gave the custard time to chill in the fridge before the churning stage. Thank you to Becky from Project Domestication for choosing this weeks recipe! I love love love caramel ice cream. Haggen Daaz Dulche De Leche tops that list. This ice cream is easy and a must make form anyone who want to try making ice cream. It is creamy, smooth and quite tasty. I was glad I read the P&Q's about the process though because I may have been very upset when the caramel seized after pouring in the milk and cream. I knew though that it was smooth out as I kept heating and stirring.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

We may need to build an ark....

So, we have had record rainfall in the last few days. 10 inches where we are and 15 inches downtown and the rain is not stopping. I have been at scrap retreat and kind of disconnected from the real world. Both nights were rough with storms.
We have friends all over Middle Tennessee without power and stuck at their homes because the flooding is so bad. We have never seen flooding like this in the 9 year we have lived here.
We have several inches of water in our crawl space and a small stream in our basement. The water was enough to float a cozy coupe and tip over a half full gas can and spill it.
I was planning on staying at the retreat until later this evening but decided, after reading a bunch of Facebook updates on my phone that I should pack it up and come home.
After asking for advice on which way to go I decided not to take my side street route. One friend posted that she was one street over from that route and she was blocked in. I decided on a second route and part of that route was closed sending me even further east but I came upon a good exit and was able to make it back to my area. Of course, I got even closer to home and the main road was completely covered in water. I had to make a quick maneuver around a median and was able to take some other back roads to my house.
Every house in our neighborhood has flooded basements. :( The singers house from our band in flooded. They have moved everything upstairs but their backyard is a river. Our bass player and his family can't go anywhere as their neighborhood is blocked in.
I guess all this is to say is keep Tennessee in your prayers as we wait out the storms.