Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{TWD} Apple Coconut Family Cake

Hello there Tuesdays with Dorie fans! This week we have Apple Coconut Family Cake. This was a quick and easy recipe to put together. The most time consuming part was peeling and coring the apples. I used 3 bowls: one for dry ingredients, one for wet and one for diced apples.

I made two slight changes. Instead of yogurt I used sour cream simply because I didn't have yogurt in the fridge and I eyed the amount of coconut. If you have seen Zombieland and Woody Harrelsons reference to coconut "It's not the taste, it's the texture". That is why. My daughter says that all the time and she has not seen Zombieland. I used about half a cup instead of a cup so there wouldn't be as much for her. She took just a couple of tiny bites and was done. Little Man ate this up and the rest is still sitting on the stove. Hubs and I are getting over strep so he hasn't felt too hungry and neither have I. 
This was pretty good and if someone were to request a coconut cake I would definitely make this again.
Make sure to check out the LYL to see how others fared with this recipe this week. You can find the recipe on Amber's blog Cobble du Monde


Jessica said...

Very pretty! I love the powdered sugar on top! I thought the peeling/coring was the hardest part too...and even that's not too bad!

Kacey said...

Looks delicious Karen, coconut is my favorite!

Amber Marie said...

Glad you enjoyed it! It looks great.

Jessica of My Baking Heart said...

Beautiful! :) Hope you guys feel better soon - strep is the worst!

Judy said...

The dusting of powdered sugar adds such a nice, festive touch. Hope you all feel better soon.

Cakelaw said...

I agree, this was pretty good. I like the icing sugar on top - looks snowy for Xmas.

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