Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day and Anniversary

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary. My hubby and I have know each other for 17 years. In just a couple of years we will have known each other longer that we didn't know each other. Crazy! I am a lucky girl to have such an awesome husband! We managed to get in a date because a friend let us bring our kiddos over to her house. We went and saw Harry Potter 7 and went to Carrabas for dinner. It was delicious. I should back up and say that we tried to sneak in a date while the kids were at school on Friday. HP was supposed to start at 11:45 which meant that by the time the previews were over and the movie ended we would have about 30 minutes to go back and get our kiddos. Well, the theater started the wrong movie. At 12:30 when we were still waiting to for the right movie to start we went and got our money back and went out to lunch instead. So, it was lovely to see the movie and have dinner together tonight. :)

Last night while we were skyping with family we got the phone call from the school district saying there would be a snow day. We were were expecting a couple of inches of snow and it was 20 degrees.  I put the call on speaker phone and Munchkin screeched at the top of her lungs when she heard the news. Our little monkeys were out of bed and ready to go sledding very soon after getting out of bed this morning.

I was not planning on going since I can't sled with my leg injury but decided to go and take pictures.
Munchkin was all about hopping on the sleds and sliding as fast as she could. Little Man went a couple of times but then wanted to get back in the car with me and my hubby managed to flip himself over. That was funny. The best part was seeing all of the snow in his beard. The snow was so powdery that it stuck really well. :)

We are now home playing games, blogging and watching The SingOff. Now, what to do tomorrow as there is another snow day....

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  1. Happpppy Happy Anniversary! What a fun snow day. Never had one of those and had so many dreams of them growing up in Los Angeles. :) - mary