Monday, December 27, 2010


I have quite a few friends whose Christmas trees are perfectly coordinated. Ours is not one of those trees. We have many many ornaments made over the last few years by our precious children. Those are some of my favorites, especially the ones with handprints and their sweet little faces. The ones that follow are some of my other favorites. A couple of them are new this year and a couple have been with us since we have been married. We have a lot of angels on our tree plus ornaments like Darth Vader, the M&M's Race car, a whisk, and a couple of nutcrackers that we have collected over the years for our kiddos yearly ornaments.
This first ornament is new to us this year. My neighbor was going through her old ornaments and passed this one on to us. It is not actually on my tree but in a star shaped basket on my table. I love how big and shiny it is. :)

I realize the apple has a crack in it. It also has my name written by my great grandma. She gave these to all of the great grandchildren when I was a little girl. I have held onto it ever since.  One of the last times I talked to my great grandma she told me that she prayed for each of us grand kids by name every night and I know she did. Seeing this apple on my tree brings sweet memories of her. 

This First Christmas Together ornament was given to me by my friend Teresa. I started babysitting for her when I was 12 years old and her little girl was 18 months old. This ornament came with a Focus on the Family book. Teresa's family has always been precious to me (even though I am terrible at keeping in touch) and seeing this ornament reminds me of them and the summer I lived with them. :)

This angel just joined our collection a few days ago. It is painted in reverse and was gifted to us by a sweet neighbor. I just think this is beautiful!

When I was growing up my mom collected owls. She had 20 or 30 sitting in our front 9 panel picture window for as long as I can remember. I saw this sweet little owl and thought of her and added this one this year. 

This precious, delicate angel was given to me by my friend Andrea. We did our masters degree together at Azusa Pacific. It was a difficult year but she was a strong woman. She lost her mom that year and it was the first time I had a friend I was close to, who lost a parent. There were times when I had no words to be able to comfort her. Like I said she is a strong woman and a great friend and this little angel reminds me of her every time I see it. 

This last angel is actually Swarovski crystal. I have had her I think since Bobby and I got married. I was looking for a flute playing angel (I have a small collection of flute playing angels...small as they are kind of hard to find) ornament. I saw her and had to have her. I am pretty sure she is the most expensive ornament on the tree because, like I said most are hand made by our kiddos.

These are just a few of my favorites. Maybe next year I will share a few more. :) Do you have favorite ornaments with stories behind them or all of your coordinated balls? Both are fun I just happen to like my stories and the memories they hold.


  1. I hope you had a merry Christmas and happy 2011 to you and to your family


  2. I love the idea of a real story behind an ornament, so special.

  3. our tree is a hodge-podge, too, of ornaments new and old. it's fun! I have ornaments my mom got in germany and ornaments my aunt made for me when I was born plus many more. I like to have a story but sometimes all I can say is, "I bought it because it was really sparkly!" :)

  4. I do like the sparkly ones Melissa! :)

  5. Oh Karen- I LOVED this post and your tree sounds a lot like ours-- only we have Boba Fett and Yoda instead of Darth Vader. :) The apple ornament story about your great grandma brought tears to me eyes. I have some ornaments my mom made on my tree (she did ceramics) and I love to put them on every year. I also have an ornament that my dad cross stitched (yes my dad) and I love remembering him.