Thursday, December 16, 2010

{FFWD} My Go To Beef Daube

Welcome to this weeks edition of French Fridays with Dorie where cooks around the world are making recipes from Dorie Greenspan's Around My French Table. For the month of December members could choose which order to post the recipes. This week I made My Go To Beef Daube.
Shallots and Parsnips

Things I learned:
1) Parsnips are much like carrots, only white, and my daughter loves them.

Before being completely cooked
2) It is pretty much impossible to open a bottle of wine with a corn cob knob.
Not an effective corkscrew

3) Shallots have a mild taste between onions and garlic and are found near the garlic.

getting the meat ready
4) This was kind of a time consuming recipe to make but it turned out delicious.

5) My hubby like this because it wasn't "soupy"

6) Even served in a bread bowl Little Man still didn't want soup.

Homemade bread bowls
Overall a winner of a recipe and yes, I did make bread bowls from scratch to serve my daube in.


  1. Great pictures and great homemade bread bowls...what a great idea to serve your daube in!! I loved this recipe!

  2. Your post gave me my first chuckle this morning. So good to know that a corn cob screw won't open a bottle of wine. I learned (kind of) how to open a bottle of wine with my shoe this summer in france. There's a video of it on my blog if you ever need another wine opener!

  3. Everything looks wonderful! I love, love, love bread bowls, too - I'll have to try this recipe for them soon! :)

  4. Very impressive! I'm trying to decide if I'm even going to try to make the recipes this month. They all look so good, so maybe during the two weeks I have off. Where did you get the bread bowl recipe?

  5. Um...WOW !!!!!!! You had me at "Bread bowls". The minute I read it I knew it was pure genius and your photos are amazing. Make something that was already excellent look absolutely incredible. Kudos to you ;)

  6. I loved this recipe!!! But wow, homemade bread bowls! I'm sure that takes this beef daube over the top. Great job!

  7. Bread bowls - what a great idea. Daube looks amazingly good. Sooner or later I will get to it.

  8. I just made this today. Good stuff.
    Love your bread bowls!

  9. You gave me a well-needed laugh with the corn cob knob picture! The bread bowls sound delicious - might have to round some up when I make my daube later in the week!