Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Divine Appointment.....

or not....
On the agenda for today was my third physical therapy appointment. I called last night to make sure it was still happening and it was. So, I gathered the kiddos, a game, some books, my keys, and my purse and headed out the door. Everything was going to plan and we were about 5 minutes from our destination when traffic came to a standstill.
Some guy in an adorable Mini Cooper kept laying on his horn trying to get through. I am not sure he realized that no one else was moving either. I managed to see over the car in front of me and noticed the giant work truck in the road and the "Road Closed" sign. I called the PT office to let them know I was only 5 minutes away but the road was closed and I would have to go another direction. They told me it would be fine but that they had a meeting at noon.  It was only 10:50 at this point so I thought I would be there in plenty of time.

A U-turn ensued where I had to be very careful. People freak out and it seems any semblance of rules of the road fly out the window. I saw a lot of "Oh, my light is red that must mean I can make a U-turn on red, right?" I was not one of those people.
I tried another road thinking it was a shortcut only to find myself back out on the same road I went in the neighborhood on. Then I tried another main road.....It was down to one lane because they were massacring the trees like NES likes to do this time of year.

I almost thought I was going to have to use the valet parking but saw an open spot as soon as we got into the parking lot. At this point I think I am free and clear. It is only 11:10 and things are going well.

As soon as we stepped off the elevator on the 5th floor the fire alarms started going off and the doors started their automatic close. I rushed the kids through anyway and practically ran the rest of the way to the office...a really good plan on a strained calf. :) Thank goodness it was a false alarm and I was able to jump into my appointment as soon as I signed in.

After all the craziness I decided to take the kids to Chickfila for lunch. I had a coupon for a free kids meal, 2 coupons for buy fries and a drink and get the sandwich free, and a gift card with about $2.50 left on it. After all of that, lunch for the 3 of us cost $4.53.

As an added bonus Santa Cow was there, and let us take a picture with him. Phew, I am glad to be home.


  1. Lovely guys:)
    Merry Christmas

  2. Anonymous12:18 PM

    I love it when a planned day still goes off as scheduled even with bumps in the road! And, a near free lunch as well? Bonus!