Monday, November 01, 2010

{TWD} Peanutiest Blondies

Once again it is Tuesday and time for another delicious Dorie recipe. This weeks selection is Peanuttiest Blondies chosen by Nicole of Bakeologie. Nichi graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Patisserie & Baking Program at the California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena in 2006 and has You should check out her cakes because they are a-mazing!

These blondies were amazing and super easy to make. They required chunky peanut butter (which I don't typically have) and your typical chocolate chip cookie ingredients. I doubled the recipe as I was taking them to my students. They were a hit! I had an enrollment counselor come to my class twice to get a blondie and I had a student who specifically sat by the blondies to protect them...

Along with the chocolate chips I also tossed in some white chocolate chip toppers for fun. This was definitely a win and will be made again! :) 

Make sure to check out the link on TWD so you can see how 200 other bakers did with these blondies. You will fall in love!


  1. This was one delicious recipe!

  2. Your blondies look mouth-wateringly thick and delicious!! What a winner of a recipe!

  3. is that a starbucks mug? I might have the same one :)
    nice call on the white choc.

  4. Cute mug with the blondies hanging out on top!! They look so good! I think the White chocolate is a great idea! I would eat them up in a second!

  5. A Blondie security team... we all need that! I love the extra white chocolate in there too! They look fantastic.

    Thanks for baking with me :)

  6. These look so good perched on that red mug! Nice shot of some fab blondies. :o)